Newly Launched ICEWAVE X8500 Makes Waves in the US

Recently, “Born Breaker” ICEWAVE has come and shakes the US market. ICEWAVE is a disposable vape brand originally from the USA youth culture, advocating self-expression and a lifestyle of individuality. Wave never ends. ICEWAVE deeply dig into the street art in Europe and America, Hip-hop culture and convey the spiritual core of “break the rules, define yourself”.


Wave never ends. Introducing ICEWAVE’s first strategic ceiling product – ICEWAVE X8500. As the industry’s first disposable vape with ultra-large screen, ICEWAVE X8500 stands out with its creative letter-design and upgraded Mesh tech. It is believed that the striking ICEWAVE X8500 will quickly gain its popularity among those who pursue their own style and embrace Hip-hop culture.


The Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas has witnessed ICEWAVE X8500’s much-anticipated and there are many highlights of this new heavyweight that deserve to be noticed.

Newly Launched ICEWAVE X8500 Makes Waves in the US

Always control of oil-electric without anxiety

ICEWAVE X8500 has an ultra-large Power & E-liquid display screen, which allows users to check the power and e-liquid level of the product at all times. Ultimate experience, free from anxiety, and everything is under control.


Creative letter-design shows users fashionable style and individuality

ICEWAVE X8500 is a revolutionary product to adopt transparent appearance and creative letter-design. Cool and trendy design perfectly meets young people’s desire for their own style and aesthetic orientation.

Newly Launched ICEWAVE X8500 Makes Waves in the US

Exclusive and upgraded Mesh tech brings consistent strong flavor

ICEWAVE X8500 adopts exclusive and upgraded Mesh Coil to highly restore the taste and keep the full taste consistent, even with no reduction after times of charging. The upgraded Mesh Coil inside, bringing 500% of consistency improvement along with 45% of flavour reproduction and 30% of puffs promotion, delivers exquisite and rich flavors of each puff.


Up to 16 original flavors that cater to Americans’ taste preferences

Originally from the US flavorist refine the most suitable flavors for US market. With trendy design and valuable configuration, ICEWAVE aiming to bring the ultimate vaping experience for global users with good-looking appearance for disposables, better taste and long-lasting flavors.


ICEWAVE comes from its parent company ICCPP, who has years of experiences of powerful technology, innovation and manufacture. The vision is to continuously create products leading the wave of the industry, provide traditional tobacco substitutions with safe quality and strong performance for global users. ICEWAVE X8500 is just a first step and good example to show the new brand’s great ambition towards the whole industry. Let’s wait and see the great impact brought by the Born breaker – ICEWAVE.


For more information, please visit and follow ICEWAVE on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.







*During internal testing, ICEWAVE X8500 can support 8500 puffs at maximum. (The actual number of puffs will be affected by personal vaping habits)


WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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