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Why night club is the best place for offline vape sales?

Chemistry reactions inside determine whether you are happy or not.

And addiction can directly affect the dopamine system of the human body, which is involved in emotional and memory functions and is also the dominant factor in determining “pleasure”. What’s more, pleasure is the compass of human behavior.

Alcohol and nicotine both contribute to the release of dopamine from the brain.

night club

Scientific data show that one side effect of drinking is that it slows down people’s reaction speed and prevents them from feeling visual stimuli, thus making them “sleepy”. Nicotine, on the other hand, can counteract some of the effects of sleep. So alcohol makes you “sleep” and nicotine makes you “wake up” and achieves a harmonious complementary relationship. That is to say, the combination of alcohol and cigarettes enlarges the sense of happiness of relieving the heavy burden infinitely, forming a cycle of “the more you drink, the more you want to drink“.

All in all, the “synergy” between the 2 addiction will magnify the pleasure.

Alcohol and nicotine

Why night club is the best place for offline vape sales?

The main income of most night clubs is alcohol sales, which accounts for 80% of the total sales. I went to some night clubs in Shenzhen for investigation and found those clubs are all full of smokes and smell from cigarettes. Some people who vape also show up. The rule for most night clubs is free entrance after you order the alcohol.

night club offline vape sales

However, when you drink too much, you’re likely to fall asleep. And the waitress will be happy to light you up a cigarette to keep you wake and continue to drink, or have you try their vapes, which are cooler and have the same function.

Besides that, the customers in nightclubs are for fun and care less about money. Buying a vape at 50 USD is a small amount compared to the average consumption amount of 150 USD.

When the customers have money, both the sales of alcohol and vapes bring high commissions to the waitress and nightclub, so why don’t they promote it hard?

night club offline vape sales

Successful brands who do well in night club sales channel building

Night clubs are an important channel for startup companies to achieve revenue offline. Following are some examples and good cases:

  1. LINX’s products have entered 2000 nightclubs in Shanghai and Beijing.

2. Snowplus also has deep collaboration with ONE THIRD、THIRTEEN、MAO Livehouse and Strawberry music festivals, etc.

3. L-BOX put its auto vape sales machines in KTV and night clubs to help vape sales

L-BOX vape sales machine

4. Wel develops bars and KTV sales channels.

And more.


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