OEM factories work day and night while big brands suffer pains

/March 26th, China/ Although in the capital market, the stock prices of some big e-cigarette brands have fallen sharply, the reporter found that in Shenzhen’s Bao’an District, known as the “Global Vape Valley”, the relevant persons in charge of many e-cigarette factories in Fuyong and Shiyan areas said that the current ordering is still hot, and some factories have been expanding their production lines since early March and are constantly hiring workers to work overtime to produce vapes.

On the other hand, some brand owners are even more anxious about the new policy in China, discussing coping strategies all night long, especially for companies with a large domestic market, considering making certain adjustments. Some practitioners have called for better adaptive measures for the emerging e-cigarette industry chain that involves a wide range of areas in the sociaty.


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