Another note on the online sales of vapes from the state tobacco monopoly administration

Further regulation – The state tobacco monopoly administration once again issued a voice to note about retrieving information about electronic cigarette products on the whole network after No.1 announcement.

In order to further protect minors from e-cigarettes and strengthen the supervision of e-cigarettes market, recently, the state tobacco monopoly administration and the State Administration of market supervision and Administration jointly issued the announcement on further protecting minors from e-cigarettes

According to the relevant person in charge of the Department of monopoly supervision and administration of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, after the announcement was issued, under the deployment of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, the tobacco monopoly supervision departments in various regions moved quickly to urge the e-commerce platform and e-cigarette enterprises in accordance with the requirements of the announcement. At the same time, relevant law enforcement departments were jointly organized to clean up the surrounding areas of primary and secondary schools, and the sale of e-cigarettes by physical stores to minors was severely investigated and punished.

“Up to now, some e-cigarette enterprises have removed the sales links of e-cigarette products on their own websites, more than ten home appliance platforms have removed all e-cigarette products from the shelves, and more e-cigarette production and sales enterprises and e-commerce platforms have made it clear that they will close the e-cigarette Internet sales websites, clients and stores, remove the e-cigarette products and withdraw the communication in strict accordance with the requirements of the announcement, removing e-cigarette advertisements published on the Internet. ”

“However, some e-commerce platforms still use e-cigarettes as ‘Double 11 shopping festival’ promotional products, and consumers can still buy e-cigarettes online; some social media still have a large number of e-cigarette related accounts and information.” The person in charge said.

Search and inspect the whole network
Search and inspect the whole network

According to the person in charge, the tobacco monopoly regulatory authorities in key regions are in joint talks with the relevant law enforcement departments about the main e-commerce platforms, urging them to close the e-cigarette stores in time and remove the e-cigarette products from the shelves. The tobacco monopoly supervision department will also establish a dynamic monitoring mechanism for the whole network, strengthen network monitoring, and comprehensively retrieve information related to Internet vape products. The State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau will take more strict regulatory measures to investigate and punish the illegal production and sale of electronic cigarettes.

In addition, the relevant head of the consumer goods department of the Ministry of industry and information technology said in an interview, “At present, our department is actively carrying out relevant research and demonstration in accordance with the responsibilities of the Department, and promoting the introduction of standardized management measures to guide the orderly development of the electronic cigarette industry.”

At present, most local vape enterprises are preparing setting out for the overseas markets and strengthening the offline sales channel.

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