Philter Labs launches filtration device to eliminate secondhand vapour

The San Diego company's latest release attaches to any 510 cartridge and incorporates the company's signature, patented Zero-5 technology to effectively eliminate secondhand smoke and smell

The technology-enabled filtration company pioneering a new category of micro-sized personal air filters that eliminate the impacts of secondhand smoke — today announced the launch of the PHREEDOM, the first and only personal filtration device that allows consumers to inhale and exhale into the same mouthpiece to eliminate up to 97% of secondhand vapor and smell. The all-in-one accessory, designed to serve 80% of the existing cartridges on the market, attaches to all 510 cannabis and CBD cartridges, regardless of mouthpiece design, to enable widespread adoption of Philter Labs’ patented filtration technology.

“The PHREEDOM represents a massive step toward a vaping culture free of exhaled vapor, pollutants, and best of all, its associated shame,” said Philter Labs CTO and inventor, John Grimm. “We wanted to provide a product that respects a person’s right to vape. The PHREEDOM is exactly that, with seamless integration for the majority of vape cartridges on the market and an enhanced experience focused on protecting people’s health, the health of the environment, and the quality of the consumer experience.”

Three years in the making, the PHREEDOM utilizes unique valving that wraps around Philter Labs’ patented Zero-5 technology. The proprietary filtration process manipulates smoke and vapor at the molecular level to dissipate emissions, dissolve harmful particulates and pollutants, and revolutionize the way people vape. The device is tailor-made to attach to any 510 cartridge — matching it in performance and volume — so consumers can continue to use their favorite products and filter emissions as long as the cartridge lasts, while the pocket-sized design facilitates ease of use when inhaling and exhaling through the mouthpiece.

PHILTER’s mission has long been to empower consumers with the ability to vape responsibly. Survey data show that vapers are acutely aware of the health effects, the social and environmental impact of secondhand smoke, and the stigma associated with their actions — especially in the midst of COVID-19, where reducing the impacts of secondhand smoke is crucial for respiratory health. In a recent study conducted by Philter Labs, 91% of respondents indicated they were concerned with how their secondhand smoke impacts the environment. But, the vaping industry at large has failed to offer a solution that respects a person’s right to vape while simultaneously recognizing the rights of those who do not, and addressing environmental concerns. The PHREEDOM changes the game by providing consumers with the ability to vape on their terms — all while promoting cleaner air for all and a guilt-free experience, making it easier than ever to participate in the movement for more responsible vaping.

“The PHREEDOM has made filtering emissions as accessible as possible, without compromising the quality of the user experience. It’s revolutionary,” said Cody Shirk, Managing Partner at Explorer Equity Group, a private equity firm that invests in global emerging trends in technology and cannabis. “The PHREEDOM is going to spur widespread adoption of safe vaping practices around the world — ultimately helping protect our environment and our health — because it’s so easy to use.”

Philter Labs is working with HERBL, the largest cannabis supply chain solutions company in the state of California, to distribute the PHREEDOM at more than 850 stores. It will be available today on and on store shelves at the end of October.

The launch of the PHREEDOM follows a year of continued growth for Philter Labs, with direct-to-consumer sales increasing by nearly 77% in Q2 from Q1. Philter Labs will continue to support growth, continue research and development, and bolster the launch of new leading-edge products to filter emissions and reduce the spread of airborne contaminants.

To learn more about Philter Labs and purchase the PHREEDOM, visit: To see how the PHREEDOM works and how others are enjoying the product, visit:


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