PLY ROCK P3 pod system ecig starter kit review

It is no longer appropriate to describe the development trend of electronic cigarettes with the phrase “the Yangtze River pushes forward the wave after the wave, and the new generation gets stronger than the old generation”. Today’s PLY ROCK P3 cartridge changing vape is the interpretation of this sentence with the soul.

When it comes to PLY ROCK, you may not be familiar with it. It is an independent electronic cigarette brand in the United States. It is a high-tech electronic cigarette brand enterprise that integrates R&D, production and sales. From the product name shared today, it is not difficult to see that PLY ROCK P3 is a revolutionary product. Besides, its predecessors are P1, P2.

When I got PLY ROCK P3, I was convinced by its high-end packaging. And there are really few packaging designs in pod vapes with such high-end atmospheric grade. Through the back description of the packaging box, it is confirmed again that PLY ROCK P3 is a cartridge-changing pod system starter kit vape of American origin.

Inside the PLY ROCK P3 packaging rea three pods. It seems that the three pods have become the standard matching. The flavors are Chinese tobacco, blueberry popcorn and lemon mint. In addition, litchi ice and mung bean stick ice were also developed. Compared with the three pods, I prefer Princess Litchi Ice and Mung Bean Rod Ice. Unfortunately, there is no standard match inside and I need to purchase them separately.

Compared with several well-known vapes, PLY ROCK P3 does not intentionally imitate the traces of other people’s brands. It is a completely new design form, so it has a strong brand recognition and avoids same-face-to-same-face awkward.

First of all, its shape is rather peculiar. Through the bottom of the device body, the radian difference between the positive and negative sides can be clearly seen. The curvature of the front arc is smaller than that of the back. The reason why there is such a way to deal with it should be the consideration of the feel of the hand.

It is found that PLY ROCK P3 feels really good in hand. It looks like a wide-body shape. With the support of large-scale surface, PLY ROCK P3 not only looks thin, but also fits the palm better.

Secondly, PLY ROCK P3 has a wider size (up to 21.2mm), and the advantage of PLY ROCK is certainly the larger batteries. Its battery capacity is 420 mAh, which is much larger than the mainstream vapes, so the battery life will be more durable. Through the test, under the condition of the normal frequency of use, it’s able to run more than one day.

In addition, PLY ROCK P3 has a strong sense of detail design. Diamond lamps are used to add colour to the products, and the LOGO design below is also beautiful. Overall, PLY ROCK Baroque P3 has a stylish look.

In addition to the obvious differences in appearance, PLY ROCK P3 has a 3.5 second intelligent vaping restriction function compared with other well-known vapes. That is to say, after 3.5 seconds of suction, the device will stop working. The advantage is not only to limit the excessive suction of users, but also to improve the endurance. The designer is a true genius in very details to boost the performance and user experience at the same time.

However, if you want to pursue a pleasant full mouth vapor, then PLY ROCK P3 necessarily sucks.

PLY ROCK P3 uses one-sided air intake. Fortunately, the pod vapes overemphasize the flavors, not the amount of vapor. It is found that the single-hole air intake has a good performance for PLY ROCK P3, and there is no burnt core problem caused by insufficient air supply in use. At the same time, the suction resistance will be more compact, after all, the suction resistance is affected by the intake air.

For the design of pods, by contrast, its internal structure is not much different from the mainstream vapes in appearance. Its workmanship is not faulty and its transparency is good. In order to fit the lips better, the suction nozzle has been cut to reduce the thickness of the suction nozzle and improve the comfort of the suction.

Through several days of use, PLY ROCK P3 pod not only did not show e-juice burnt problems, but also solved the leakage problem very well, it seems that its quality control is trustworthy.

PLY ROCK P3’s pod rebuilding is not a problem, the base of the pod can be separated with bare hands and nails (and there is no e-liquid leak in the use of the pod), which is a good news for the rebuilding fans.

In fact, PLY ROCK Baroque P3 uses ceramic cores of different shapes. It is the development of ceramic cores that promotes the development of the pod system kits. Of course, vape juice development is the main reason why pods get popular.

PLY ROCK P3 is equipped with Chinese tobacco, blueberry popcorn and lemon mint. After experiencing, PLY ROCK P3 has a soft taste, the main flavor is restored in place, the throat hit is moderate, and it is one of the best pods that can pass the test of a long time of vaping.

Lemon mint: The entrance to mouth is the refreshing mint, the echo is the lemon flavor, when the vapor gets back to the throat, the lemon flavor will highlight a more clear, typical refreshing taste.

Blueberry popcorn: Blueberry has a good taste. It’s not as annoying as some pod vapes. In fact, some pods with strong flavors are not necessarily appreciated by users.

Chinese-style tobacco: Tobacco tastes very strong, and has a strong sense of hitting the throat, but does not show choking feeling, it is certainly the old smoker’s favorite.

ply rock p3
Although there are many pod kits nowadays, the products that can really stand the test of users are few. Propaganda and promotion are necessary, but its premise is to do a good job of the products, only in this way can those vape products stand up in the tide of shuffling in the electronic cigarette market and survive.

Back to today’s share of this product, the overall performance of PLY ROCK P3 is great. But if you look at PLY ROCK P3 with a critical eye, you will feel that there will be a slippery hand problem. Some grinding or just putting it into a leather case will make it perfect.

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PLY ROCK P3 is a high-end pod system in all-around user experience and design but kind of slippery in hand.

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