POOLAN offline mobile vape shop is launched

E-cigarette brand POOLAN launched the offline “mobile vape shop” recently.

POOLAN introduced that the “mobile store” has taken the lead in landing in first-tier cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and launched new attempts to sell e-cigarette products in offline businesses such as bars, supermarkets, and Internet cafes.

“Mobile Store” is a new retail channel store planned by POOLAN in combination with the usage scenarios of each product. It completes the sales process in a small and convenient mobile store and realizes flexible delivery without scene differences.

“In the process of cooperation, we will first cooperate with merchants by adopting the method of “mobile store free entry, free product display experience”, and enjoy sales sharing with store owners.” The person in charge of POOLAN mobile store said, they wish to cooperation in this way so that POOLAN realizes a new round of market development on the basis of achieving win-win cooperation with businesses.

“We didn’t understand when we first talked about cooperation. The person in charge of POOLAN directly gave us the on-site experience of the product. Recognition of the product is the basis of our cooperative mobile store.” An Internet cafe manager said that the sales of mobile stores are now very good. , Consumers generally have a high degree of acceptance of the product.

POOLAN offline mobile vape shop is launched
“There are many young people who smoke in Internet cafes. After learning about the advantages of e-cigarette products, they are willing to buy and try. Now, there are more people who smoke e-cigarettes in Internet cafes, the air is much better, and the time spent by non-smokers has increased.”

The person in charge of POOLAN said that the mobile store entering the merchant is a strong alliance with the merchant.

It is understood that POOLAN’s “mobile shops” have already negotiated with offline businesses such as bars, music restaurants, KTVs and other young people gathering entertainment venues in some first-tier cities, large businesses beyond the entrances, night markets, gyms, hotels, etc. Initial cooperation.

In the future, POOLAN said that “mobile stores” will gradually enter these businesses and start selling POOLAN e-cigarette products.

Learn more about POOLAN on POOLAN vape official site


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