U.S. prosecutors launched a criminal investigation into Juul

Juul vape has become the focus of public concern and doubts in the United States because of the death of many people caused by lung disease suspected to be related to electronic cigarettes recently. State prosecutors in California are conducting a criminal investigation into electronic cigarette maker JUUL Labs.

The focus of Juul’s investigation by the North District Attorney’s Office of California is still unclear, and the criminal investigation is still in its early stage.

Juul and the U.S. Attorney’s Office did not immediately respond to media requests for comment.

Juul is an electronic tobacco giant in the United States. Its products have been sold in many countries in the United States and overseas. The company is facing stricter scrutiny and investigation from US regulators. The U.S. government criticized the company for publishing false advertisements, declaring that “electronic cigarettes are less harmful to health than traditional tobacco” without approval, and inducing teenagers to smoke electronic cigarettes.

It is reported that the tobacco giant Altria Group holds 35% of Juul’s shares.

Earlier this month, the governor of California ordered a public campaign to address the health risks faced by teenagers who smoke electronic cigarettes. In addition, the Governor of New York has also announced a ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes with featured flavors.

According to reports, one of the directions of California prosecutors’ investigation is what role Juul plays in the emergence of electronic cigarette addiction in the United States.

It is reported that Juul is currently being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Food and Drug Administration of the United States, and prosecutors in some states. However, past investigations did not involve criminal investigations.

The so-called electronic cigarette is an electronic product that produces nicotine vapor. In recent years, electronic cigarettes have been gradually popular among teenagers and other groups. In addition to the traditional nicotine, there are also some electronic cigarettes with characteristic flavor, indicating that the chemical composition is more complex.

Currently, the health departments of the federal and state governments are investigating 450 suspected cases of pulmonary disease associated with e-cigarettes in the United States, including many deaths.

These pulmonary diseases have not been clearly confirmed to be related to nicotine or other substances in e-cigarettes (some pulmonary diseases are also suspected to be related to a cannabis active ingredient), but the health risks of e-cigarettes have aroused public attention. After the latest cases and deaths were announced, some consumers said they had given up smoking electronic cigarettes.


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