Protect your harvest: Things that can damage your marijuana in growth

Growing marijuana can be a therapeutic experience, since in addition to waiting for the harvest of that substance that will take us to a deep state of relaxation, planting and taking care of the future harvest is very pleasant.

However, before starting to plant cannabis, it is essential to learn about all the care required. In fact, there are some factors that can seriously harm the growth of the plant.

Growers are very careful when planting cannabis, since just one mistake can damage all or part of the harvest, and it is even worse when it is a variant that takes a long time to grow.

There are several factors that interfere with the full development of cannabis. We will find out here what they are.

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Humidity: Causing botrytis, powdery mildew and downy mildew

When autumn arrives in September, a cannabis crop can be at risk. Low temperatures are all over Europe and humidity has all the facility to affect any orchard.

When humidity is concentrated in the orchard and areas close to the plant, the risk of fungus development increases. Among the types that can appear and damage the plant are botrytis, mildew and powdery mildew. All it takes is a very low temperature and high humidity for these three pathogens to appear and attempt to damage the entire crop.

When the fungus rests on the plant, the spores spread on the flowers and little by little, damage the entire leaf.

However, there are some measures you can take to prevent this from happening.

Every week, apply 1 ml of root stimulator. This will strengthen the plant’s immune system to fight the fungus.

Planting outdoors can be detrimental to the full growth of your cannabis plants, so you will need to pay close attention to this aspect. It is best to have each plant in pots, so that you can move them indoors overnight.

It is also essential that every morning you remove the concentrated water in the pot. You can do this with those plants that you cannot move indoors. Just grab the stem and shake gently from side to side.


Powerful light sources

The light sources must always be regulated, because if the planting is exposed for a long time to a strong light source, the plant will not bloom.

For the plant to flower, it needs a dark space for certain hours. Having a warm light all the time will only hinder growth.

However, this is something that only affects feminized marijuana seeds and Quick strains. These depend on photosynthesis to be able to grow in the expected time. In the case of autoflowering varieties, the light source does not have a serious influence.

Crop theft

The ideal is to keep your small cannabis garden secret, put it in a discreet place to avoid theft or robbery of your future harvest.

In the middle of nature you should try to place the plants in places that go unnoticed, and if you have the plant at home, you should try to keep the aroma more isolated. When the plant blooms, the aroma becomes more intense and can attract attention, being more prone to theft.

How to avoid damage to marijuana plants?

  • Look for all the information about the growing and harvesting times of the variety you are going to plant.
  • Between the last 3-4 weeks, do not water excessively, only what is necessary. This will prevent moisture accumulation and fungal growth.
  • Do not expose the crop. Try to keep it in a discreet place.
  • Every week, apply a root stimulator. This will strengthen the immune system of the nascent plant.
  • Pay close attention to the details of the plant, especially during the last week.
  • Remove excess water every morning.
  • If there are flowers affected by mildew, remove them.
  • The plant should be about 100 meters from any light source.

To Sum Up

Cannabis plants require intensive care from the beginning! So, since the moment you seed the ground, you will be needing to protect your harvest before it dies.

Keep in mind that you will need to get some products such as vitamins and repellents to protect the plant from illness and bugs; yet it is important to consider using only natural products, to protect the flavor and the power of the strain.

If you are going to plant your cannabis in open spaces, it is also important to keep security in mind, you never know who will come and take the flower without your consent, this also applies to fruits; and, basically anything you keep in your garden.

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