Proven and legit services for Surrogacy

Surrogacy agencies around the world help millions of families with fertility issues to reach successful conceiving and baby birth.

The very fact that the notion of Surrogacy may be unknown or even secret for some people is evident, that’s why such informational articles need to be spread up to society.

It can be a real way out for many.

Let’s get more essential information about Surrogacy and agencies which provide all needed support in this area.

Surrogacy and successful conceiving 

Surrogacy is a kind of reproductive technology which is used worldwide to overcome infertility.

There are 3 party taking part in the process of Surrogacy:

  • Genetic father (the intended father) – he gives the sperm for fertilization, in some countries it is allowed to use donor sperm for such a process.
  • Genetic mother (the intended mother) – she gives the egg for fertilization, some countries allow the use of donor egg for fertilization during the Surrogacy process.
  • Surrogate mother – the woman who consents to bear and give the birth to the child of other people (on an altruistic or paid basis).

The method of Surrogacy infertility treatment is used in the case when a woman can not bear the child on her own.

There are following indications to undergo Surrogacy:

  • Any pathology of the uterine cavity (both congenital and aсquired)
  • Ovaries enlargement (especially related to lumps in them)
  • Non-Cancerous tumors of the uterine cavity (especially which require urgent surgical intervention)
  • Inflammatory conditions and diseases of the body
  • Oncology states of any localization
  • Mental disorders
  • Any pathology or disease of patient own children

All these cases prevent the embryo implantation, subsequent bearing and childbirth.

Please, pay your special attention that every case is unique and unusual. Talk to your qualified specialist and go through testing before going to any infertility treatment.

Coordination center for Surrogacy in the USA 

While Surrogacy agencies are considered to provide only partial help throughout the Surrogacy process, such a format as ADONIS Fertility International has ensured full-cycle support till the final discharge.

ADONIS Fertility International is a North American Headquarter of ADONIS Medical Group.

The roles are clearly defined – only highly educated managers provide the full range consultations in the USA Colorado Springs and help to start the Surrogacy (or any other infertility treatment) without traveling abroad.

It is an especially perfect proposal for the USA and Canada residents (fill in the form to receive more information and get to know your special proposals).

ADONIS clinics in Ukraine, Kyiv, ensure the highest quality treatment process with all-inclusive Programs.

ADONIS clinics provide the following benefits for clients convenience: 

  • Own Surrogate database (all candidates are thoroughly tested before being added to the list)
  • Own Embryo laboratory (with only certificated equipment)
  • Own Donor bank (in case a patient need the genetic material donation for Infertility treatment)
  • Own Cryo bank (secure storage of your donor material for years)
  • Own testing laboratory (for accurate assessment of patient condition)
  • Own legal Department (experienced layers which help to get through all paperwork and state institutions without cares)

The combination of price and quality in ADONIS clinics will definitely convince you to use their services.

Surrogacy requires only a professional approach as the every nuance when it comes to childbirth. Use only proven and legit medical services as ADONIS Fertility International to reach your aim.

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