Qicaiyun nicotine salt vape juice by Yunnan Zhongyan Industrial Company is launched

315 incident, let us realize that poor quality vape juice is the death of the electronic cigarette industry, which directly harms the life and health of consumers.
Qicaiyun (Seven-color rhyme, RainbowV) has been in line with the concept of “quality first, safety protection” to do a good job in every drop of e-liquid, set up the vane of domestic vape juice, creating a miracle of domestic e liquid sales, one the road of 1 million bottles of vape juice per month selling champion.

As far as Vape hk concerned, the key point of Qicaiyun’s success lies in the tobbaco monopoly sales right from the government. When the tobacco monopoly sales right was granted to the private enterprises, the selling amount of Chinese e liquid sales amount would already reach the 100 million per month years ago, rather than importing most e liquids from the USA still.

It seems Chinese vape industry is not going to end but in a new form of State own companies collaborating with the private vape business. In this form, the state-owned vape business not only upgraded its efficiency in marketing but also grew its gross profit. A new win-win business model is established now.

Under the background of today’s popularity of nicotine salt, Yunnan Zhongyan Industrial Company for Tobacco Technology Research and Development Platform researchers have worked tirelessly and painstakingly to improve and upgrade the electronic cigarette using vape juice on the basis of the previous Qicaiyun vape juice, and launched the new Qicaiyun nicotine salt e-liquid.

In order to distinguish it from the former Qicaiyun e juice, this Qicaiyun nicotine salt liquid is named as Qicaiyun Yunnan Zhongyan.

Bodi Li Zhu, who is in charge of the general distribution of Qicaiyun Yunnan Zhongyan, said, “The Qicaiyun produced before has been widely recognized by the market and has trained a large number of consumers. This new nicotine salt vape juice upgrades the core raw materials according to the characteristics of electronic cigarette. Combining with the nicotine salt independently developed by Yunnan Zhongyan, it highlights the natural aroma of tobacco, has a soft smoking taste, and the addition of new nicotine salt is closer to the satisfaction of real tobacco.

Observing from the vape juice packaging, it continues to maintain a fresh and elegant style of Chinese style packaging, but the packaging background has been slightly adjusted, not to the previous “gradient green field as the base, decorated with colorful leaves”, but directly to the colorful leaves as the base, with the name of “Yunnan Tobacco” vape juice.

In order to solve the problem that the content of nicotine in electronic cigarettes was not clearly labeled in 315 party reports, we found that the content of nicotine was clearly labeled in Qicaiyun Yunnan tobacco packaging and product posters, and the content of nicotine was 20mg/ML. According to the introduction, this nicotine content is added according to the standard.

It is reported that Qicaiyun Yunnan Tobacco has officially appeared at the 2009 IECIE on April 14-16.


Yunnan Zhongyan Industrial Company, a state-owned tobacco company;

Qicaiyun is also called as Rainbow v2 in English.


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