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Relx Alpha vs Relx Classic, which is better?

Let’s talk about Relx Alpha vs Relx Classic in this article. Following are the comparisons:

RELX AlphaRELX Classic
Puffs available per charge cycle280300Classic has more puffs per charge
Puffs per pod500620Classic has a larger pod for more puffs
Puff experienceNot badBetterClassic sells better than Alpha for better taste
Charging time40 minutes40 minitesSame
E-liquid pod capacity1.6ml2mlClass has bigger pod capacity
Buttonless operationYesYesSame
Vibrate notification for usageYesNoAlpha has vibrating function that Classic doesn't. Vibration is not an essential function for vapes
Mouthpiece leak protectionYesNoAlpha is more leakage-proof
Voltage protectionYesNoSame
USB-C charging portYesNoAlpha takes use of convenient Type C charging port
Size (cm; L×B×W)11.2 × 2.3 × 112 × 3 × 1.5Alpha is more portable than Classic.The difference is small.
Weight (g)27.235Alpha is lighter than Classic
Battery capacity340mAH350mAhClassic has a bigger battery capcity than Alpha
Price47.9239.9Classic is cheaper than Alpha


RELX Classic is better than RELX Alpha for bigger pod & battery capacity, better vaping experience and cheaper price. All the functions of RELX Classic are essential and better than Alpha. Though RELX Classic had lots of leakage problems, it has been improved now.

If I were the customer, I would choose RELX Classic between the two.

ald silmo 3.0
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