RELX launches the world’s largest e-cig specialized factory

RELX vape spokesperson said on the opening day of the media that the world’s largest exclusive factory for electronic cigarettes had recently been opened by RELX on September 18. The exclusive factory covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters and has more than 4,000 workers. Its peak production capacity can reach 50 million pods per month.

Data show that since April 2018, in 17 months, RELX’s production of electronic cigarette carts has increased 160 times, accounting for half of the total production of domestic brands of electronic cigarettes. In order to ensure the rapid growth of market scale, RELX has also established a supply chain and quality management system.

In addition, RELX announced that it would continue to increase its investment in laboratories. RELX Lab is the earliest electronic cigarette brand in China and the only large-scale electronic cigarette laboratory at present. It is mainly engaged in safety testing and innovation research related to electronic cigarettes. Since its establishment, it has invested more than 20 million yuan.

“Our initial intention is to provide users with products with world-class quality and safety, and exclusive factories and laboratories are undoubtedly the key to support the implementation of our most stringent enterprise standards.” Kate Wang, founder and CEO of RELX, said, “These are also the core point that RELX is different from other electronic cigarette brands.”


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Beijing Business Daily


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