RELX i to be launched soon – Bluetooth function added

According to the news on 14th August, RELX is about to release a new intelligent vape product. And the new generation product is named as RELX i.

Smart: Bluetooth connecting the mobile phone to monitor the vaper data

RELX new product is designed with Type-C fast charging port. It completes charging quickly in 45 minutes. At the same time, it is equipped with fourth generations of FEELM ceramic atomizing core and a new generation of BLE Bluetooth chip.

relx i new product

RELX indicates that the RELX i redesigned the pod structure from 0. It has a 4-layer sealing design, which can effectively prevent vape juice leakage. After suffering from leakage for a long time, RELX looks nervous about leakage now and does plenty of things to avoid it.

This is also the third pod system product released since RELX was founded. At present, the main products are RELX classic model and RELX Alpha. Compared with the first two products, this new product features smart element.

If the first two products are regarded as a stand-alone version of electronic cigarette, RELX i can be regarded as a smart version, which can be used with mobile phones. Upgraded from simple breath to collecting user data at the same time to acknowledge users their habits when vaping.relx i new product

RELX has already launched an APP called RELX ME in the App Store. Users can share their experiences, find friends who share common interests and engage in social activities.

When RELX i works with APP, it tracks all kinds of data in real time in APP, including 6 data, such as the number of puffs, flavor preference, tar reduction amount and smoking reduction amount, so that the user can monitor their usage habits more accurately.

At the same time, when RELX i found the nicotine intake of the user is equivalent to that of a cigarette over a period of time, it vibrates to alert the user.relx i

In addition, RELX i has 2 new features:

First, RELX i pod has the function of intelligent anti-counterfeiting. It can remind users of the authenticity of the pod and help customer avoid buying counterfeit pods. On the one hand, it protects users’ rights and interests, on the other hand, it protects RELX’s own rights and interests from being infringed by counterfeit goods.

Second, it has the function of an intelligent child lock. RELX i can be locked through 1 click in the APP, and the power-on function can be cut off to prevent minors from using it.


Price: 450 yuan for 1 device, four pods

RELX i starter kit price is 450 yuan for 1 device and 4 pods, black and white two models. JD mall, Tmall and other e-commerce plaforms has started the pre-sale on 14th August. It will be in stock on August 22nd.

The price of the first generation of RELX classic model is 299 yuan, and the price of Alpha is 399 yuan for 1 device and 2 pods.

Comparatively speaking, the price of RELX i will be more expensive, but there are two more pods. Comparing the device, the price of the smart one with Bluetooth will be higher than that of previous versions. Next is to observe if the customers buy it or not.


RELX i comes with 6 flavors, tobacco, coffee, mint, mung bea, red energy, grape.

relx i relx i relx i relx i

Juul will launch first Bluetooth vape Juul C1 that collects user data in UK

Juul, Moti & RELX all take in Bluetooth, now it looks the Bluetooth is the future of the vape industry.

However, traditionally speaking, real cigarettes have no high tech at all but sold well for over a century. They are popular now still, especially in China. Smokers care about nicotine satisfaction, and the efficiency to satisfy that. This fancy Bluetooth looks useless in the view of

What’s useful is the child lock provided by Bluetooth. The Bluetooth in vape looks more like a tool to show the attitude and care to children, and it eradicates the government’s excuse to kill vape considering the minor vaping problem.

It costs more but it’s a wise move.

What’s more, Youtubers get a new point and reason to review it.

RELX company information: Click here


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