RELX vape goes offline in China

RELX vape: Wechat mall is out of service and offline stores will implement identity verification

At 5:9 p.m. on November 1, RELX took the lead in saying “firmly support and implement the decision of banning e-cigarettes on the Internet, and RELX does not serve minors”. On November 3, it issued a notice again, “will use all resources to continuously promote the implementation of the Guardian plan!”

relx vape goes offline
RELX removed its online store entrance on Wechat and replaced it with offline locations

RELX announcement said that the growth and health of minors and the growing environment are topics of continuous concern from all walks of life. As a responsible enterprise, RELX is willing to use all resources to promote the implementation of the Guardian plan(protecting minors and adolescents programe), and work with all sectors of society to safeguard the healthy growth of young people!

“RELX’s official Wechat mall has stopped operation, and its identity verification system will be promoted in offline stores in late November,” it said, releasing an important message.

At present, on the menu bar of the official WeChat public blog, we only see the category of “nearby stores”, “Credit point migration” and “customer service”. We can not see the link of the self-operated WeChat official mall. Its action is fast.

The core of the announcement jointly issued by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the State Administration of market supervision and administration is to protect minors.

RELX emphasizes that RELX Guardian plan is to achieve 100% coverage on all kinds of product packages. RELX Guardian plan has realized 100% coverage in all information notification channels.

relx guardian plan

In order to prevent minors from buying e-cigarettes offline, RELX said in the announcement that it uses the self-developed identity verification system of AI intelligent technology to connect with the public security system, verifies the age of the buyer through “name + ID card number + face recognition” and gives an alarm.

In addition, RELX’s automatic trafficking system has realized the function of face recognition and age verification. By recognizing the age of users intelligently by Alipay face recognition technology, it can limit the behavior of users who are under 18 years old to buy electronic cigarettes. When choosing other payment methods, they need to swipe their identity cards for identity authentication.

RELX vender machine with identifying function
RELX vender machine with identifying function

On November 3, at the end of the announcement, RELX said again, “We firmly support and implement the decision to ban the sale of e-cigarettes online. RELX does not serve minors!”

Now farewell to RELX online.


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