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RELX starter pod vape kit review- Stronger nicotine strength than the traditional cigarette

I bought a RELX Start Kit and tried it myself. Before this, I heard lots of positive reviews about RELX and some criticize on vape juice leakeage defects. However, the leakage didn’t show up when I try. Great pod mod.


RELX specifications:

RELX Replacement Pod
Ceramic Honeycomb Style Coil
2ml Tank Capacity
0.01mm Diameter Size
Approximately 650 Puffs
Double Sealed Pods
Duck Billed Drip Tip
Plug and Play Connection
Gold Plated Proprietary Connection
6W Power
350mAh Battery
Automatic (Draw activated)
Magnetic pod/battery connection
50mg or 30 mg Nicotine Salt e-liquid
146 g net weight

Where to buy RELX starter kit


RELX Start Kit appearance
RELX Start Kit hand feel
RELX Start Kit nicotine strength
RELX Start Kit battery capacity
RELX Start Kit portableness
RELX Start Kit flavour
RELX Start Kit pod and device connection
RELX Start Kit easy operation
RELX Start Kit price
RELX Start Kit weight


RELX Start Kit is a good pod vape for beginners with easy operation and high nicotine strength. I'm an old smoker for over 10 years but RELX is able to keep me away from the traditional cigarette for 1 week. However, the cartridge is not durable when you vape too much. And 1 cartridge 1 day will cost you some money.
ald silmo 3.0
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