Republic of Chimps e-liquid review: rigorous Japanese quality vape juice

DirtyCheck No.201


The last edition of DirtyCheck recommended TomKlarks to everyone.

I wonder if anyone has tried these flavors.

Today, we bring you the E-Liquid from Republic of Chimps.

Captain has selected two flavors from the many available for everyone to taste.

#Product Introduction

Public of Chimps, ROC

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to purchase most e-liquids for vaping that are made in Malaysia. Despite this, the product we’re discussing—Public of Chimps, ROC—has gained such popularity that it has earned a ‘premiere’ status.

Originally crafted in small batches as a hobby, the ROC line has now transitioned into a primary business endeavor due to high consumer demand. Each batch is highly sought after, to the point that vape shops are buying up the entire stock.

In a special turn of events, we managed to secure some of these highly desired liquids for the Japanese market, which is a rare occurrence.

If this piques your interest, we highly recommend giving it a try!

Republic of Chimps e-liquid review

#Product Specifications

Brand name: Public of Chimps, ROC

Container: Plastic Unicorn bottle

Ingredients: PG, propylene glycol, VG, glycerol from vegetables

Nicotine: 6mg

Made in: Malaysia

#Official Description

Astro Chimp Series Haaven’s Jpeg

(50mL 55vg/45pg 6mg)

Flavors: jasmine, green tea, peach, mint

The fragrance of jasmine is complemented by peaches and green tea.

Mature peaches are sweet, and the scent of jasmine feels elegant.

A bit of menthol is added for a refreshing aftertaste.

Republic of Chimps e-liquid review

SHAMAN Series Magnum

(50mL 55vg/45pg 6mg)

Republic of Chimps e-liquid review

Flavors: green mango, light strawberry, tobacco

The sweetness of mangoes paired with the scent of strawberries brings you ultimate fruity enjoyment.

The addition of tobacco provides an endless aftertaste.

Your tobacco partner is born.

#Captain’s Experience

Captain’s vaping device:

Bpmods AMPBB 60wMod

Monarchy Mobb Thelastone

Haaven’s Jpeg

Coil parameter: Nichrome80/0.88ohm

Airflow pin: 1.5

Cotton: Bp


This fruity and floral flavor is quite special; it’s sweet, and very full-bodied. The overall blending feels very scientific. To experience these flavors to the fullest, you must use lung inhalation. Earlier trials by Captain with a single coil were not ideal. The mint in the finish is the cherry on top, making the experience very smooth. It’s highly recommended, especially coming from Captain, who is a dessert lover.

Republic of Chimps e-liquid review


Coil Data: Nichrome70/1.6ohm

Airflow pin: 1.0

Cotton: Bp


Straightforward: mango, light strawberry, tobacco.

A very straightforward flavor, no beating around the bush: mango leads, strawberry follows, tobacco underlines. The mango fills your entire mouth, and aftertaste carries a hint of strawberry’s mild acidity. It’s a godsend for those who love fruity tobacco flavors. Remember to use a low pin and high resistance to unlock a new world.

Republic of Chimps e-liquid review

#Product Summary

Public of Chimps, ROC is actually a brand that few people know about because most of its buyers are in Japan.

It is currently the top-selling brand in Japan. Even though it is made in Malaysia, let’s not underestimate Malaysia’s capabilities in making e-liquids.

They have become a supplier for many brands over the past couple of years. According to Captain, all ROC’s ratios are formulated to meet Japanese standards. Their dedication shows, and this flavor recommendation will offer something different for your vape life.


This is Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Purchase Link: ROC (Republic of Chimps) SHAMAN at VAPEWORX

Republic of Chimps e-liquid quality
Republic of Chimps e-liquid flavor
Republic of Chimps e-liquid taste
Republic of Chimps e-liquid experience

Republic of Chimps (ROC) is a top-selling e-liquid brand from Malaysia, popular for its unique, high-quality flavors. Despite a limited supply of Malaysian vape juices, ROC has become a hit in Japan. It offers two standout flavors: 'Astro Chimp Series Haaven's Jpeg,' a blend of jasmine, green tea, and peach with a menthol twist, and 'SHAMAN Series Magnum,' a mix of green mango, light strawberry, and tobacco. Both flavors meet rigorous Japanese quality standards, offering a rich vaping experience highly recommended by experts.

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