Review of the 8000 Puffs Pod System Vape – ANYX MAX PLUS

Introducing the ANYX MAX PLUS

Have you been troubled by the constant lack of e-juice in your pod? Are you tired of fading taste of vapes? I guess the answer would be the same for every vapor. Today, let’s review a brand new product: the ANYX MAX PLUS, a revolutionary pod system designed to provide a long-lasting and enjoyable vape experience with a consistent taste.

They said it’s the closed pod system lasts most with its large pod capacity up to 8000 puffs. To be honest, currently,the largest pod capacity I’ve ever seen, setting a new standard in vaping innovation. Let’s take a look:



Body size: 16.8 * 46 * 100.4mm (including pod), 16.8 * 46 * 54.50mm (excluding pod)

Bare metal weight: 56.8g (including pod) 26.1g (excluding pod)

Output power: 11.56W

Charging: Type-C

Materials: PCTG

Pod capacity: 15ml

Resistance range: 1Ω

Coil: mesh coil


Size, Look, and Feel

First, let’s take a look at the size of the ANYX MAX PLUS, it looks a little bit taller than ANYX MAX, As the design language remains the same, it feels so handy when I hold it. It’s really amazing that such a small size can provide such a long-lasting and enjoyable experience. I bet you guys want to try it.


Then, let’s talk about its appearance. The ANYX MAX PLUS, like the ANYX MAX, has four colors: Pandora, Aqua Sakura, Heavy Metal, and Silver. I really like its striped LED lights, it is elegant and classic. And Type-C fast charging port as usual. They rotated the logo and put it on the left side of the body, that’s an interesting design. The number “8000” is print on the pod. In addition, it also uses food-grade materials, which means you don’t have to worry about pod corrosion or degradation over time. This provides users with an additional sense of peace of mind. These are all the advantages that I believe ANYX products have always had.

Review of the 8000 Puffs Pod System Vape – ANYX MAX PLUS


However, I believe the biggest highlight of the ANYX MAX PLUS is undoubtedly its up to 8000 puffs capacity, and eight flavors available for replacement, It provides me with unprecedented durability and selectivity. Moreover, The ANYX MAX PLUS, like other products in the ANYX series, uses MESH Ce-juice technology, Its reliable performance delivers consistent and smooth hits. It ensures a consistent taste that does not fade over time. I think ANYX MAX PLUS fully embodies the advantages of MESH Ce-juice technology. For those of us who are very picky about taste, this is undoubtedly a huge benefit. My personal prediction is that the vaping of large puff and pod systems is the future trend.



This time, ANYX spared no effort in planning eight new and unique flavors for ANYX MAX PLUS.


  3. GRAPE

Review of the 8000 Puffs Pod System Vape – ANYX MAX PLUS


After trying these eight flavors, my personal favorites are APPLE PEAR PEACH, and TOBACCO CREAM. APPLE PEAR PEACH provides a multi-layered free experience that I really enjoy. Its taste blends the sweetness of apples and pears, with some summer mint added. The combination of fruit fragrance and mint freshness is a delightful experience, whether it’s day or night

As a developed fan of tobacco Flavors, TOBACCO CREAM has always been a stage on my list This Flavor is built on a foundation of robust tobacco, accompanied by the smoothness of cream It offers complexity and balance, providing satisfaction with every draw It allows me to savor the classic tobacco tax while enjoying the coming creaminess mostly

Review of the 8000 Puffs Pod System Vape – ANYX MAX PLUS

It has to be said that the largest pod system is really cool. You don’t have to worry about the e-juice out of the pod at all. Moreover, after two weeks of experience, the taste of the pod has always been the same as the first time you used it, thanks to MESH Ce-juice technology.

No matter your flavor preference, the ANYX MAX PLUS provides a diverse range of options, ensuring that everyone can find a flavor that pleases their palate. Whether you’re a fan of fruit, sweetness, creaminess, or classic tobacco, this vape can provide you with a long-lasting and consistent taste experience.

Review of the 8000 Puffs Pod System Vape – ANYX MAX PLUS


I have tried many Pod system vapes, and this one is really the best one with the highest performance in my experience. Compared to many other Pod System products, I am either worried that the pod may run out of e-juice or the taste may fade while using, but ANYX MAX PLUS doesn’t have to worry about these at all, and there are also many flavors to choose from.


If you are looking for a large puff, pod system, and cost-effective vape, this world’s largest puff, pod system ANYX MAX PLUS is your best choice. I predict that the vaping of large puff and pod systems is the future trend. This is my third attempt at ANYX products, and the experience was very amazing. I look forward to trying more of their devices in the future.

ANYX MAX PLUS Flavor Experience
ANYX MAX PLUS Design and Aesthetics
ANYX MAX PLUS Build Quality
ANYX MAX PLUS User Experience

ANYX MAX PLUS is a game-changer in pod system vapes, offering a whopping 8000 puffs and eight diverse flavors. Compact yet powerful, it delivers consistent, long-lasting taste thanks to MESH Ce-juice tech. 🌬️💨

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