Russell County looks into the problem of selling vapes to young people

There was a recent investigation on the distribution of tobacco and vapor products to minors by an undercover sting operation in Russell County, Virginia.

The development and execution of the operation that resulted in the referencing of two local vape shops for the sales to underage individuals was by detective Chris Kiser with the Lebanon Police Department, in association with the VA Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority, the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office stated.

The appearance of the people charged in court has been slated for next month.

It has been revealed by a release that there are reports from school officials about the continuous usage of nicotine-containing products in schools, despite the success achieved in the efforts against distribution to minors.

Therefore, the decision by Russell County Sheriff Steve Dye and Commonwealth’s Attorney Zack Stoots is to establish the rule that once they catch any minor with tobacco or vapor products in school, such individual would be charged for underage nicotine use.

The statement that follows was issued to News Channel 11 through email:

The enforcement of this initiative will be by local school resource officers with the patrolling of school environment by the office of the Russell County Sheriff. According to Zack Stoots, this serves as another ensample of the efforts of the local law enforcement agencies in protecting our children, and the commitment of our offices is to ensure that our juveniles are in good health and safe. Likewise, he continued that the diligence of the law enforcement involved in the investigation remains. He continued that he is hopeful that these actions will put shop owners on their toes in being further critical of the individuals that purchase the products and do what is required for the prevention of nicotine items such that they don’t get to the wrong hands. This year, the Virginia General Assembly has extended the legal age of those who buy tobacco and nicotine vapor products to 21. This law will become effective on July 1, 2019.



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