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Salt Nicotine Vape Juice is Not as Perfect as You Think

As we all know, vape juice contains a certain proportion of nicotine. Its role is to make it taste closer to cigarettes. Of course, there is also a small portion of vape juice that doesn’t contain nicotine.

In the past two years, the vape juice in the name of Salt Nicotine has been on the market. It tastes better, no harm, and even replaces nicotine.

Is this really so? Let’s take a closer look and find it out.

Salt Nicotine is crystal formed by the reaction of free nicotine Free Base with an organic salt. When the crystal is ultimately used, it is still mixed with propylene glycol or glycerin form a proportional solution, usually 100 mg/ml. The biggest advantage is that higher nicotine content can be more easily inhaled by human blood than free radical nicotine oil, which makes it hard when choking.

The concentration of Salt Nicotine is calculated in the same manner as ordinary nicotine, and there are also 3 mg and 6 mg. Because the nicotine of Salt Nicotine is smooth, many of the current smokers are 50mg. This nicotine can give smokers a strong nicotine experience without licking their throats. Generally, an e-liquid bottle is used. If it’s made to 3mg, it will be very smooth.

It is undeniable that Salt Nicotine does solve the long-standing problem of nicotine in the throat, ensuring that users enjoy a better experience. However, this does not mean that the nicotine salt is no problem, it also has a drawback.

salt nicotine

What are Nicotine Salts? Beginner’s Guide to Salt E-Liquid

Because the Salt Nicotine is more supple than the traditional nicotine, it will cause the smoker to feel no pain when pumping. Without stimulating the feeling of choking, you will smoke a lot. If you are not a long-term smoker, the tolerance to nicotine can easily cause nicotine poisoning, also known as “drunk smoke.”

It should be emphasized here that the appearance of nicotine salt is not used to complete the smog. This thing itself is prepared for people who need high levels of nicotine. This kind of people have a high demand for nicotine, but the traditional nicotine is 36mg and it brings a strong throat irritation, while Salt Nicotine smoke oil does not. This type of smoke oil needs to be used with a low-power vape with a high-resistance atomizer of about 1.0 ohm or more and a power of about 7-12 watts. If you use low-resistance and high-wafer electronic cigarettes, it is easy to cause excessive inhalation of nicotine, which may cause physical discomfort.


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