Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Fair Next-year Plan is Revealed

It’s December now, but the organizer of Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Fair, Reed Huabo, has made preparations for next year’s exhibition. Recently, its publicity plan for next year has been exposed.

The first four years of the exhibition were held in October, and the date of next year’s exhibition will be ahead of schedule. The organizer said that the date of the exhibition was officially scheduled for August 29-31, 2019. Continue the concept of leading electronic cigarettes to the public.

Reasons for the advance of the date of the exhibition

Reed Huabo, the organizer of the exhibition, said that by jointly conducting global market research with electronic cigarette organizations of various countries, as well as encouraging the analysis of exhibition data and customer visits of production bases, the exhibition date was advanced to August 29-31, in order to make the production time more abundant.

2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China – More than Vape

Visiting Customers and Market Research

Many buyers in Europe and the United States reported to the organizers that the end of August and the beginning of September each year coincides with the end of summer vacation and many statutory holidays, which is the critical time for them to make year-end purchasing and planning.

Many old front-line exhibitors also indicated that there is a trade and transportation process after the exhibition. If orders can be received before the end of August, the production and manufacturing time will be more abundant.

Forwarding to International

Overseas buyers will be an important audience of Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition next year. The organizers of the exhibition have formulated visiting plans for more than a dozen overseas exhibitions in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and invited international market channels, wholesalers and chain stores on a point-to-point basis.

In order to make the exhibitors participate in the exhibition more effectively, the organizers said that the 2019 Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Fair has rushed to the international level, cooperated with the organizers of internationally renowned exhibitions, organized high-quality enterprises in production bases to participate in the international exhibition, and invited buyers from various countries to visit the 2019 Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Fair. Cooperation has been confirmed: June Intersteam Electronic Cigarette Show in Berlin, Germany.

2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China - More than Vape

At the same time, it will maintain close contacts with official electronic tobacco organizations and media in various countries, such as ECTA (Canadian Electronic Tobacco Association), APVI (Indonesian Electronic Tobacco Association), Intersteam (German exhibition organizer), etc. Overseas publicity continued throughout the year. Overseas partners covered more than 20 countries worldwide.

2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China - More than Vape
2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China - More than Vape

Creating a Series of Promotion Fairs for Cross-Border Buyers
2018 is the first year of electronic cigarette smoke, while heating non-combustible products have sprung up, which undoubtedly impacts the traditional smoke, and the market is in a transitional running-in period.

The organizer Lizhan Huabo said that the 26-year exhibition buyer resources advantage, tailor-made cross-border buyer series promotional meetings, to help you grasp the transformation opportunities. Concentrate on bars, convenience stores, supermarkets, shopping malls all over the country, invite on-the-spot buyers of tobacco, wine and tea market.

2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China - More than Vape

Establish e-cigarette gift zone, dock new channel buyers, provide precise matching services, multi-dimensional image of e-cigarette products, and follow up the buyers before, during and after the exhibition process!

2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China - More than Vape

29th-31st August 2019

New period, new advantages, new promotion!

Let’s witness the difference.

Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition 2019 by Reed Huabo!

Exhibition consultation: 15218746134 (mobile phone and Wechat)

Check Reed Huabo Exhibition Official Site

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2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China - More than Vape


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