Shenzhen issued the first e-cigarette ticket in China: 50 yuan for vaping at the bus stop

On October 15, after the implementation of the new Tobacco Control Regulations, according to media reports, Shenzhen issued its first electronic cigarette ticket with a fine of 50 yuan.

It is reported that the law enforcement site is located in the bus platform just included in the law enforcement scope. The vaper was fined together with five ordinary smokers. He became the iconic first punished vaper in China.

On October 1, this year, the revised Regulations on Smoking Control in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations on Smoking Control) was formally implemented.

The new version of the Tobacco Control Regulations is known as the most stringent tobacco control law, which is mainly embodied in:

1. Five meters outside the entrance and exit of pedestrians in public transport station buildings and the area where the public transport outdoor platform and waiting team are located.

That is to say, no smoking is allowed in the area of bus platform and subway entrance.

2. Clearly stipulating smoking means the use of electronic cigarettes, holding other tobacco products that are ignited or heated without combustion.

In other words, electronic cigarettes are treated equally as ordinary tobacco.

3. As long as smoking is prohibited in smoking places, law enforcement officers can impose a fine of 50 yuan and collect it on the spot; those who refuse to make corrections shall be fined 200 yuan; those who obstruct law enforcement shall be fined 500 yuan.

In other words, law enforcement officers can impose a direct fine without reminding the other party.

4. If the operators or managers of non-smoking places fail to perform their duties of tobacco control, they will not be fined directly for the first time, but will be given a warning. However, they will be fined not less than 5000 yuan but not more than 30000 yuan for the second offense within two years after being ordered to rectify.

The minimum fine of the old version of the smoke control regulations is 30000 yuan. The new version of the smoke control regulations reduces the minimum fine standard, making the fine more operable.

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