Which is more harmful, traditional smoking or e-cig vaping?

Traditional smoking exposes smokers to a huge risk from tar which contains much heavy metal, while electronic cigarettes don’t produce tar.

The nicotine content of traditional cigarettes is fixed, so it is difficult to adjust. But nicotine of electronic cigarettes is an additive component, which can be adjusted to different concentrations

Traditional cigarette burning will produce a large number of solid particles that can not be decomposed, such as PM2.5 attached to the throat, trachea, lungs and other body parts, and constantly accumulating damage to the human body. The e-cigarette technology produces liquid particles that can be decomposed and absorbed or discharged by the human body, and substantially no particulate matter is damaged.

silmo vape

Burning VS Atomization

Traditional cigarette requires combustion before smoking. The process of burning is also a process of mass production of tobacco harmful substances. The electronic cigarette is different. It does not burn, but simple heating atomization.


Under normal circumstances, the electronic atomization temperature is controlled at 250-350 °C, and some electronic cigarettes can even achieve low temperature atomization at 220-250 °C. This temperature is much lower than that of ordinary tobacco at 700-800 °C. This will greatly reduce the harm of e-cigarettes and reduce the generation of harmful substances, which is another important reason for the low risk of e-cigarettes.


The atomization of the electronic cigarette itself can also produce particles, but this particle is a liquid particle that is absorbed or removed from the body. For example, the atomization administration is commonly used in clinical practice, and atomized medicine will be absorbed by the human body. For example, the vape technology from ALD Group Limited is enough advanced, and ALD’s business covers ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems), IMV (Inhaled Medical Vaporizer) and HnB (Heat-Not-Burn device).


Moreover, the improvement of modern atomization technology makes the atomization level higher and higher. For example, SILMO can achieve atomization of 1μm, which means that the atomized vapor does not contain PM1-Particulate matter in the PM10 range. It will naturally not cause damage to the solid particles of the individual.


At present, SILMO is a ceramic atomizing core technology using a metal thick film process. The ceramic itself has strong lipophilic properties and is easy to conduct e-liquid. Ceramics do not have dry burn problems compared with cotton and other materials.



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