Relationship between Smoore, CCELL & Jupiter

Our reader wishes to know more about Smoore, CCELL & Jupiter, and this article is written for our reader.

How deep the relationship between Shenzhen Smoore and their counterpart USA Jupiter Research?

As far as we know, Smoore is the manufacturer of Jupiter Research. LIQUID6 cartridges & devices, LiquidX, CCELL® UNO POD VAPORIZER are produced by the Smoore subsidiary brand CCELL. When Smoore stops the production, Jupiter is out of stock immediately, we bet Jupiter is doing dropshipping & OEM with Smoore.


With CCell leading the way in THC and CBD vape carts, how they plan on keeping their market share?

The THC & CBD business led by CCELL occupies half of Smoore’s total sales amount, which is significant to Smoore.

We asked for more details, but the official refused to disclose it. They think it’s too sensitive. We’ll keep looking into it and update in this article: update

When Smoore will be uplisted on the Hong Kong stock exchange?

How long does the process take and is it doubtful they will list?

First, we heard that Smoore wanted to go to Hong Kong stock exchange in March 2019, because it delisted from the New Third Board.

Later, Smoore started the plan since August 2019, and planned to raise $ 300-400 million. It said, “Specific plans for future capital markets are being evaluated.”

It made lots of publicity about the Hong Kong IPO in December 2019 stressing its great sales result in 2019. Maybe the uplist will succeed soon.

Until now on February 18th, it’s not listed on the Hong Kong stock market.

We’re not sure if there are too many problems in its Hong Kong stock market IPO. Or this event’s only for business publicity. So the processing time is a mystery.


Smoore goes to Hong Kong for an IPO


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