Smoore was infringed on trade secrets

Changsha police in China: 7 people have been arrested

In October 2020, the Investigation Detachment of the Changsha City Public Security Bureau received a report from Shenzhen Smoore International Holdings Co., Ltd.: Ou, Lin, Li and other employees of the Changsha Research Institute violated the company’s confidentiality agreement and requirements and used the company’s business secrets are invested in the production of ceramic atomizing core products and sold abroad, which seriously infringes on the company’s business secrets.

Shenzhen Smoore International Holdings Co., Ltd. is the world’s largest manufacturer of atomization technology products. It has technology research and development departments and manufacturing plants in Shenzhen, Changsha and other places across the country. Its products are mainly sold to overseas markets such as the United States and Europe.

Changsha Public Security reported that, after investigation, starting from November 2018, the suspect Oumou gathered Li, Lin, Zhu and others to conspire to use the core technology contacted and mastered in the work of Shenzhen Smoore International Holdings Co., Ltd. to become independent gateway, and successively resigned from the company, successively established infringing companies in Ningxiang and Liuyang, opened production plants, produced and sold ceramic atomizing core products, illegally obtained huge profits, and the value of the case was nearly 20 million yuan. At present, 7 suspects in this case have been arrested by the City Procuratorate on suspicion of infringing on commercial secrets.

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