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SNOWPLUS Vape Founder Wang Sa: To be more than just a cool vape

This brand, founded by a group of post-90s, has emerged from the market for less than a few months. In merely three months, it has reached the leading place of market sales and won the favor of many investors. It is essentially different from the general e-cigarette brand in terms of product operation logic, marketing strategy, product positioning and future development.

Wang Sa, the founder of SNOWPLUS, said, ” SNOWPLUS was more than just a brand focused on electronic cigarettes from the beginning.” SNOWPLUS not only wants to become a very cool electronic cigarette, but also want to become a life attitude!


“If we just follow the path others have taken, we will only reap what others have already achieved.” No longer blindly believe in the “only way” for the development of the industry, this concept also laid a solid foundation for the follow-up of the SNOWPLUS brand to stand out.

SNOWPLUS Vape Founder Wang Sa

Wang Sa’s positioning of SNOWPLUS is a set of fashion items, a way of life, and even a diversified product matrix.

SNOWPLUS received $40 million in financing – The largest financing in vape industry recently

ald silmo 3.0
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