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Techniques for Increasing the Life Span of Your Favorite E Juice

Whether you are a regular vaper or new to the world of vaping, the first thing that you need to know is how to store your vape juice for a longer time. Isn’t it? Then there is great news for you all! Several methods are there that can help you store your e liquid for a longer time, although you will need to make some compromises but that’s completely worth it!

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Let us check out those techniques that can help you in storing your favorite e liquid for a longer period.

  • Raising Ohms

Sub-Ohm vaping lets you enjoy a raised vapor and flavor output but uses up a lot of e-juice in the procedure. The reasons are obvious! The more vapors you create the more e liquid needs to be used up. So if you want to store your e liquid for a longer time then you must mix up some other juices or switch up the juices or style of vaping. For instance, if you love using Blue Raspberry Cheesecake by Bizzare Blue as your e liquid then you can mix it up with other juices to elevate the Ohms. Raising the Ohms will create thinner, cooler clouds at the end of the day which is not liked by everyone! So one thing that you can do is get a daytime as well as a night time device and use a coil of higher ohms, at least above 1 ohm during the day. Keep the sub-ohm vape juice by Bizzare Blue limited to nighttime use, so that you can enjoy a satisfying vape before going to bed.

  • Lowering Wattage

By lowering the wattage you can conserve your supply just like you do by raising the ohms as less heat is produced by the coil which will lead to a drop off. If you love sub-ohm vaping and do not want to compromise with that then you must lower the wattage that will help you in conserving the battery life while reducing the consumption of your e liquid. You can also play around with your settings a bit for finding the ideal balance that works best for you!

Blue Raspberry Cheesecake by Bizzare Blue

  • Using Stronger E-Liquid

If you do not want to compromise on the vaping experience and amazing clouds formed then you should go for a stronger e juice with higher nicotine level such as Blue Raspberry Cheesecake by Bizzare Blue so that you end up with less vaping. The downside of using strong nicotine content is that it can be harsh on your throat especially when you like sub-ohm vaping. Therefore, using less juice is highly recommended here which means ultimately less consumption and storage for longer period.

Bottom Line –

Basically, two techniques are there that help you in reducing your juice consumption and storing it for a longer time and that are vaping less often and giving up on big clouds. However, if you do not want to compromise on any of these then mix up your own juice with your favorite e juice!


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