The Customer Service of an Online Vape Shop is Getting in Trouble Selling Vape to Minors

As the saying goes, if you don’t look for trouble, you won’t meet trouble, but some people just look for trouble. Because of the words of an e-cigarette shop, e-cigarettes have been pushed to the cusp of the cusp, becoming the target of attacks.vape student

Recently, the State Administration of Markets and the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau issued a notice prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. E-cigarettes have been closely watched by major media. After China News Network, another well-known media has been eyeing the e-cigarette – the future network.

Many people don’t know about the future network, but don’t underestimate it. Future Network is a central news website approved by the National Internet Information Office. It is a new media work platform of the National juvenile working committee, and is dedicated to creating vertical news information for youth education.vape student

China, the world’s biggest e-cigarette producer, wants to ban vaping

Recently, the reporters of the future network visited and found that there are still merchants selling e-cigarettes to minors on the e-commerce platform. Most merchants do not verify whether the other party is a minor when selling e-cigarettes, and even some merchants know that the customer is a minor and sell it to them.

Especially the customer service of this store. The reporter of the future network asked the seller as a buyer: “I see that your sales are still quite high, and are many students buying it on your side?” vape student

The customer service of this online store actually said: “We rarely ask if the customer is a student, but I think most of them are students because they are sent to school.”

If you don’t see the posted chat history, you can’t believe it! “Feeling” and “all” are really the rhythm of looking for trouble.

This “wind” will never stop immediately! Shopkeepers and store owners of major online stores have carefully regulated their employees. Don’t get yourself into trouble, and let the vape industry become the target of attacks.


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