The Electronic Vaping Coalition of America challenges Harvard’s report on the toxicity of vapes

A new study on April 28 by Harvard University researchers shows that most popular electronic cigarette products in the United States may be contaminated by harmful bacteria and mycotoxins. The team surveyed 75 best-selling brands of e-cigarettes in 2013 and found that 23% of the products contained trace endotoxins, while 81% contained dextran.

US research says 80% e-cigarettes contain toxins and more in fruit flavor

But the report was challenged by the Electronic Vaping Coalition of America. Gregory Conley, chairman of the group, said the study should compare the levels of toxins in e-cigarettes with those in cigarettes. Conley also pointed out that the study focused on the best-selling brands in 2013, rather than the more modern ones, and that the current popular names of brands and products were not included in the study.


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