6 Snus Myths Debunked: What Snus is Not?

Most people know about vapes, bongs, and types of vapes because vaping has seen its hype and become a common product among people. People have studied and explored different aspects of it. However, knowing about a few nicotine products doesn’t mean you know about its whole world. The nicotine world is continuously changing, growing, and expanding. New products are entering the market – some people are blown away by their hype, while some are reluctant to move forward due to the myths surrounding them. The same is the case with snus.

Snus is a relatively new nicotine product that originated in Sweden, became popular in Norwegia, and is slowly sweeping in other parts of the world. However, some myths about snus stop people from making an informed decision and buying it. That is why we are going to debunk common snus myths to uncover the underlying truth so that you can buy Siberian snus online without any fear.

Here are a few common snus myths you should debunk right now:

1. Snus is not Addictive.

Some people believe that using a small amount of snus doesn’t result in a larger nicotine intake. So it doesn’t cause addiction. But this is not true. Snus contains a significant amount of nicotine that can cause addiction if we use it regularly for a long time or if we take products with a high dosage. So, be careful if you don’t want to become addicted. 

2. Smoking Snus Causes Cancer. 

Snus is a smokeless, moist tobacco that is kept between the upper lip and lower gum. Unlike smoking tobacco, snus is not fermented, so it doesn’t contain carcinogenic viruses. Rather it is pasteurized and hinders the growth of toxic bacteria. So, unlike popular perception, snus reduces the probability of causing cancer compared to snus. But it isn’t totally safe. So, use it carelessly.

3. People Might Love Flavors.

Different flavors are added in the snus to make smoke aroma flavorings, such as juniper, citrus, etc. So, some people perceive that these aromas might grow on their nerves and they fall for the aroma of snus if not for nicotine. It can also make them addictive.

Well, there hasn’t been any evidence collected regarding aroma addiction. Or attraction of people to tobacco due to its aroma or flavors.

4. Snus Leads to Smoking.

No. This is a wrong myth. Many studies have in fact shown that the use of snus can decrease smoking addiction. The research has shown that Sweden has the lowest smoking prevalence rate in the EU, and the daily smoking rate has also decreased to 8%. Moreover, snus has reduced smoking in Sweden and Norwegian as compared to Nicotine Replacement Products.

5. Snus Causes Cancer.

This is probably the most common perception that snus causes oral cancer because it is placed between the upper lip and lower gum. So,  it is understandable that people are skeptical. But the research has found no correlation between snus and cancer. As already mentioned, snus doesn’t cause the fermentation reaction that is mostly responsible for producing carcinogenic viruses. So, there is not much correlation between cancer and snus.

6. Snus is Difficult to Consume. 

Another myth says that snus is difficult to consume. There are two ways of consuming snus. One is in powdered form, and the other in sachet form, like a tea bag. You can choose these methods depending on your preference and convenience. When you put it between the upper lip and lower gum, it slowly becomes part of saliva and goes inside the body. It might be inconvenient in the beginning if you focus too much on the idea that there is something in your mouth. But after some time, it becomes routine. 


Snus might sound like a new product because it gained mainstream popularity a few years ago. But in reality, it is an old product originating in the 18th century from dry snuff. However, it has now gained popularity and become popular among many people. But still, people are not fully able to separate snus myths and facts. So, better read every detailed information to make a fully informed decision.

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