Japan Tobacco Releases Ploom’s Latest Research Results

Japan Tobacco recently said that a clinical study showed that Japanese healthy adult smokers switched to Ploom TECH, the company’s vape product, Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents (HPHC) in the body were reduced.

Japan Tobacco Releases Ploom's Latest Research Results

The study was conducted in consultation with Professor Jiji Kumagai, a professor at the Kitasato Clinical Research Center.


The researchers randomly assigned 60 Japanese healthy adult smokers to three groups for five days: (a) members switched to Ploom TECH (PT); (b) members continued to smoke their own brand cigarettes (CC); or (c ) Smoking cessation group (SA).Japan Tobacco Releases Ploom's Latest Research Results

After the five-day study period, the levels of 15 exposed biomarkers in the PT group were significantly lower than in the CC group. Moreover, the magnitude of the decrease in exposed biomarker levels observed in the PT group was similar to that observed in the SA group.

Japan Tobacco said in a report published on its website that the study showed that complete conversion from flammable cigarettes to Ploom TECH significantly reduced exposure and absorption of selected HPHC. Although further research is needed, these results strongly support the potential of Ploom TECH to reduce smoking-related health risks.

Japan Tobacco Releases Ploom's Latest Research Results

JT pointed out that there are no globally agreed standards to assess the relative health risks associated with the use of different tobacco or other nicotine-containing products at present, although some countries have developed guidelines in this area.


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