The global e-cigarette online star Michael Lee lands in Shenzhen and cooperates with Reed Huabo exclusively!

See you at Reed Huabo Vape Expo in Shenzhen, China!

Michael Lee says hi to his Chinese fans in advance

Reed Huabo will hold an e-cigarette exhibition in Shenzhen in October

The signed online star appears formally: Michael Lee

Michael Lee lands in Shenzhen

Michael Lee

Canada’s e-cigarette online star, who has been an entertainer for more than 10years since his debut and his large smoke and fancy smoke show videos have become popular all over the world. He has credibility in the field of e-cigarette evaluation. Lee once took to the stage of the French talent show and pushed e-cigarettes into public view. Therefore, he went viral almost overnight Burst and caused a sensation. Committed to the promotion of Vape culture, millions of fans on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other platforms, and his Youku videos have over one million fans in China.

Michael Lee lands in Shenzhen

Lee boarded the French Talent Show and caused a sensation in the global ecigarette industry

Lee has millions of fans on Facebook and Instagram, and has a huge fan based in 80 countries and regions including Europe, the US, Russia, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea. LEE’s video of Vape shot every time will cause a new trend in the world.

Michael Lee lands in Shenzhen

Renowned internationally, Lee hasn’t had the opportunity to come to the global e-cigarette production base – Shenzhen, China. Earlier this year, Reed Huabo E-cigarette Show threw an olive branch to Lee and held a meeting with fans at China (Shenzhen) International Electronic Cigarette Show in 2018, and invited Lee as a global e-cigarette influence figure to attend China E-cigarette Industry Summit Forum.

Lee and Reed Huabo Electronic Cigarette Show will conduct exclusive cooperation at China exhibitions. And Lee will parachute into Shenzhen on 1-3 October 2018. This will be Lee’s first visit to China, and he will also meet with fans.

Michael Lee lands in Shenzhen

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