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The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler (for Dry Herbs & Concentrates)

An ideal choice for those seeking an exceptional dry herb & concentrate experience

The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler is an ideal choice for those seeking an exceptional dry herb and concentrate experience. This versatile piece features 7 mm thick medical-grade borosilicate glass, ensuring optimal filtration and superior airflow, resulting in moist, dense pulls.

The Riggler showcases a fixed diffused downstem that generates fine bubbles and pairs seamlessly with a carb cap for an airtight seal. The included quartz banger and glass bowl ensure optimal flavor transfer with each use. Additionally, it features a double-sided concentrate tool and silicone grips for precise handling. All supported by a robust base, guaranteeing stability during use.

To ensure your Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler consistently functions at its optimum level, Higher Standards offers an extensive range of ISO Pure and Salt Rox care and maintenance products. These premium-grade solutions are carefully formulated to quickly restore the clean, pristine condition of any glassware, including pipes and bongs. The scientific formulation of these products effortlessly removes grime and build-up, resulting in crystal-clear transparency every time you clean your rig. Make it a routine practice to use these superior cleaning agents to maintain the best possible performance and extend the lifespan of your glass equipment.

Adding to the list of features is an impressive selection of limited edition collaborations like the Higher Standards x Blazer Big Shot Torch, which allows users to ignite multiple torches at once—making concentrates easier to handle than ever before! All in all, Higher Standards has created a complete collection of handcrafted heavy duty glass, premium care and maintenance products, sought after limited edition collaborations—all designed with true connoisseurs in mind who value flavor above all else.

The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler offers users state-of-the-art portable filtration and exceptional flavor transfer due to its balloon-style design, which optimizes airflow and efficiently cools smoke while preserving precious terpenes in each hit. With carb caps and a range of accessories, such as concentrate tools, the Riggler was meticulously designed as a comprehensive solution for discerning enthusiasts who demand nothing but excellence from their smoking devices.

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