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The Top 5 Questions That Vape Shop Owners Answer Every Day

There’s no doubt that running a retail store is definitely a job for a people person. In any industry, you’re going to answer questions from customers and potential customers on a daily basis. In no industry, however, is that statement truer than in the vaping industry. People who buy vaping products are smokers who are highly motivated to quit, but they usually have no idea how to get started. They’ll have a load of questions before they even buy their first product – and once they do start vaping, they’ll almost always come back with more questions about how to improve their experience.

In other words, a vape shop owner spends about as much time answering questions as he or she does actually selling products. To compile this article, we spoke with owner Bradley Anderson of Vapor Connection, a leading Pittsburgh vape shop. What’s it really like to own a vape shop? Here is a sampling of the questions that Anderson answers on a daily basis.

What’s It Going to Be Like When I Switch to Vaping?

Switching from smoking to vaping isn’t easy for everyone. If you find the switch intolerably difficult, it’s very likely that the nicotine strength you’ve selected for your e-liquid is too low. Vaping doesn’t taste like smoking, but it definitely feels much the same in terms of the throat hit that you experience and the nicotine that your body absorbs.

Before you begin vaping, it’s very important to understand that vaping and smoking are extremely different in terms of the chemicals released. If you’re using the right e-liquid nicotine strength for your body and your vaping hardware, vaping can provide nicotine to your body almost as efficiently as a tobacco cigarette. Cigarette smoke, however, contains thousands of chemicals that e-cigarette vapor doesn’t. Prepare yourself for the fact that you may not feel completely normal for the first few days after switching to vaping even though you’re still getting nicotine. Any feelings of malaise will pass quickly.

What Type of Device Should I Buy?

The easiest type of device for new vapers to use is a pod-based device that uses pre-filled pods. A pod system is extremely simple to use – just drop in a pod and puff – and pre-filled pods are available in the high nicotine strengths that smokers require in order to make the switch successfully.

The one downside with pod systems is that in some regions – such as the United States – pre-filled vaping products can only be legally sold in tobacco and menthol flavors. Learning to use a vaping device that you fill yourself is a little more work than using a device with pre-filled pods. However, the payoff is that you can choose from hundreds of different e-liquid flavors rather than just two.

What’s Your Best Tobacco E-Liquid?

One thing you need to know before you start vaping is that no tobacco e-liquid actually tastes like a cigarette. Although a few e-liquids do contain extracts of tobacco, most do not – and since e-liquid doesn’t contain burning tobacco leaves, there’s no way for it to mimic the flavor of tobacco smoke. In that sense, there really is no “best tobacco e-liquid.” There are just e-liquids that use different combinations of aromas and flavors to mimic the familiar flavors that smokers enjoy.

So, that’s the negative side of flavor in e-liquid. Here’s the positive side: Although e-liquid can’t taste like a cigarette, it can taste like almost anything else. In fact, studies have shown that people are most likely to be successful in using e-cigarettes as a means of quitting smoking if they use flavors other than tobacco. Why would you bother vaping something that tries and fails to taste like a cigarette when you could be vaping something that tastes like vanilla ice cream or strawberries and custard?

If you’re new to vaping, your best bet is to not waste your time looking for the best tobacco e-liquid. Instead, explore the hundreds of other flavors that are out there.

Why Does This Thing Taste Burned?

One of the top reasons why people think that they don’t like vaping is because they experience a burned flavor. In some cases, people assume that the burned flavor is normal. As a result, they decide that vaping isn’t for them and go back to smoking. Your vape shouldn’t taste burned; vaping should always be a pleasant and satisfying experience.

If your vape tastes burned, there are three possible reasons.

  • You’re using a thick “high-VG” e-liquid with a small vaping device. The e-liquid is getting stuck in the device’s coil assembly instead of flowing quickly and efficiently through the wick. With the smallest vaping devices, you should use an e-liquid containing no more than 50 percent vegetable glycerin.
  • You’re puffing too frequently. After each time you use your vaping devices, wait a few minutes for the wick to re-saturate with e-liquid.
  • You’re using an e-liquid that’s sweetened with sucralose. Sucralose doesn’t vaporize cleanly. It leaves a residue behind, and that residue will make everything taste like burned sugar when you vape. It’s time for a new atomizer coil. If you want your coils to last longer, you’ll need to avoid sweetened e-liquid.

Why Does My Battery Keep Dying?

If you use a very small vaping device like the JUUL, you should understand that the battery in your device is, likewise, extremely tiny. It takes a great deal of battery power to heat an atomizer coil to the point where it can boil vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, and you should expect that a tiny vaping device won’t provide enough battery power for all-day vaping. The smallest devices, in fact, will probably require charging more than once per day.

Would you like to spend more time vaping and less time waiting for your battery to charge? There are two simple solutions for that. If you use a smaller vaping device, you can always buy a second device and use one while the other charges. Alternatively, you can buy a larger mod with greater battery capacity. While a small pod system usually has a battery capacity of around 200 mAh, a larger mod with two batteries may have a total capacity of 5,000 mAh or greater.

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