The Ultimate Cannabis Delivery Guide

Millions of consumers prefer cannabis delivered to their doorstep instead of going to a dispensary. As a result of the pandemic, many pot dealers were forced to start cannabis delivery services to meet the needs of cannabis consumers. Cannabis retailers who have successfully transitioned to a digital business model are earning huge profits now.

Most people find it more convenient to order online like through Giving Tree Dispensary than to visit the dispensary and have an awkward encounter with the staff. Online stores are offering the best deals and incentives that cannabis retail stores fail to. Currently, having a delivery service is imperative to the success of the business.

The Ultimate Cannabis Delivery Guide

In the post-pandemic reality, dispensaries and weed retailers have either started an independent delivery service or partnered with a delivery platform to deliver mail orders to far-off locations. Besides all, starting a cannabis delivery is not easy as you have to keep into account certain factors.

Know the Local Laws

Even if cannabis consumption is lawful at the state level, it may not be legal to deliver cannabis in your area. Since it is federally illegal, it is not permissible for the package to travel through anti-pot borders and towns. Some regions allow the delivery of cannabis for medical use but not for recreational purposes. Do the research and contact relevant authorities to familiarize yourself with local laws about cannabis delivery.

Obtain a Legal License

Running a cannabis delivery service would be a rookie blunder. A retailer is not allowed to deliver cannabis without a retail license and delivery permit. In some regions, it is required for the business owner to have a retail license before applying for a delivery license. Contrarily, other regions may require delivery-only licenses.

Confirm the restrictions and permissions in your area before making an application for the appropriate license. After obtaining the delivery license, give a copy of it to each delivery driver.

Delivery Vehicles

Investing in delivery vehicles is a must as delivering orders in a personal car could result in penalties. Get a sturdy, enclosed, and unmarked delivery vehicle with GPS units to deliver cannabis. Drivers must deliver orders through the predetermined route without making any stops.

Ensure to follow all the state regulations including having an integrated alarm system in the vehicle and safe storage for all cannabis products.

Delivery Compliance

An owner must follow all the rules while making cannabis deliveries to not revoke the license. While these regulations vary from state to state, generally, it is important to consider the following one

  • Delivery vehicles with an active alarm and GPS tracking system
  • Recording the details of every delivery transaction
  • Delivery drivers, over the age of 21, must have a valid driving license
  • Each authorized driver must have a copy of DL, employee ID, and business license
  • Drivers must follow the safety protocols

Use Tools

Last but not least, use specialized technology for smooth operations and great customer experience. Invest in a delivery POS system capable of handling customer identity verification, complaint receipts, stock tracking, and loyalty program integration. These POS have the best functions to allow you to run a successful business.

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