Top 5 Remodeling Companies in Miami, FL

Painting & remodeling services serve commercial and residential clients in Miami, Florida. Many companies provide home remodeling services, from bathroom & kitchen makeovers to extensive renovation projects. They offer interior and exterior painting and also painting for business logos. So if you require such services, you just have to search & connect with the best home remodeling companies that suit your requirement, plus also consider the customer reviews from the most trusted platforms.

Here we have listed a few most trusted contractors based in Miami, FL.


  • Scale construction group Inc.:

Established in 2001, Scale construction group is a general contractor that deals in all commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Their customers claim that they rely on them to serve on their behalf, ethically & responsibly. They have fifteen years of extending track record based on integrity & expertise. Scale construction fulfills all your remodeling & repair needs; whether you are seeking a few helpful tips or require guidance as a larger group, scale construction is always ready to handle it all.


  • Schwalb builders:

Suppose you need help to redesign, remodel, or simply redecorate your kitchen. In that case, you will get all of the mentioned aspects from a competent team of Schwalb builder’s kitchen remodel in Miami, FL. After serving several years and becoming one of the top remodel companies in kitchen & bathroom projects in Denver, Colorado, Schwalb Builders will proudly provide its premiere interior design services to its clients. Schwalb Builders have 15 years of industry experience with a fully authorized A-team of 2nd generation builders who have the right experts in their craft. Schwalb’s commitment to providing high-quality & service means that they will bring a modern yet useful aesthetic to your kitchen by giving everything under the best work ethic of the business.


  • Dorris construction management:

Dorris Construction Management is a firm that provides home remodel services for homeowners in Miami & surrounding areas. It offers many services such as kіtсhеn & bаthrооm remodeling, full house rеnоvаtіоns, wіndоw/dооr replacements, flooring installation, and drywall repair. It also has skills for new modern personalized home construction. Till now, Dorris Construction Management has completed about 2500 residential & commercial renovation projects.


  • 305 Florida contractors:

305 Florida Contractors is owned by Leandro Pozzi (a music producer), having experience in developing and designing recording studios. It mainly offers services in residential & commercial properties situated in Miami. The firm has over ten years of experience in interior home design and remodeling spaces, focusing on every detail. The company undertakes kitchen and bathroom renovation projects and works on interior and exterior paint, lighting design, and drywall hanging.


  • Kitchen solvers of Miami:

It is governed by a woman-owned kitchen remodeling firm that has provided residential design services since 1982. It offers custom house additions & remodels for cabinets and backsplashes and provides storage/organizer solutions for kitchen tools. Similarly, its professional designer team connects with clients to incorporate their artistic ideas, interests, & budget preferences into the overall kitchen style. Kitchen Solvers of Miami has completed approximately 45,000 kitchen remodeling projects.

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