ALD introduces the Fortune 500 R & D system

After becoming the first enterprise with strong layout and automatic production in the industry, ALD’s innovative R & D capability and customer service capability have been upgraded again, and it has also taken the lead in introducing the world’s top R & D system that Fortune Global 500 companies are using.ALD introduces the world top 500 R & D system

It is learned from relevant channels that ALD has recently completed the introduction and successful operation of IPD R & D system.

According to the director of research and development of ALD, ALD has been preparing for the deployment of IPD system since October last year. In March this year, the IPD system was officially launched. In May, the commissioning was stable and running, and in July, preliminary results were achieved.

The successful introduction of aldipd system is the first example of introducing the R & D management system of top 500 in the whole process of e-cigarette industry.

In the industry, many people don’t know much about the IPD system. If you have any knowledge of Huawei’s growth history, you will know that Huawei is a model of successful application of IPD system, making many of Huawei’s products leading the world.huawei

According to relevant reports, 80% of the global top 500 enterprises are using the IPD system, or using the IPD system as the core tool of enterprise innovation to promote.

IPD, means integrated development. The characteristic of this R & D system is that it can be shared internally, which can not only produce in batches, but also meet the personalized needs of customers.

The idea of IPD originated from the book Product and Cycle Time excellence published by PRTM company. IPD R & D system is an innovative management tool to improve the stability, scientificity and sustainability of high-tech innovation R & D through system innovation, organization innovation and process innovation.ALD introduces the world top 500 R & D system

In 1992, IBM first put the system into enterprise R & D management, and therefore became the first enterprise in the world to use the IPD system. After the overall introduction, IPD system runs through the whole process of IBM’s innovation and R & D, leading the construction of IBM’s head brand core competitiveness in the field of commercial computers.

In 1998, Huawei introduced the IPD system under the guidance of IBM. Based on the series of research and development achievements of IPD, Huawei also completed the business growth from 10 billion scale to 100 billion scale. Huawei’s “5g HarmonyOS system” and “Kirin chip” are typical output results of IPD application.harmonyos

In the electronic cigarette industry, the traditional R & D has many problems, such as individual combat, high trial and error cost, long cycle, R & D and market derailment.

As an R & D innovation tool, IPD has the characteristics of refined management and cooperation of various modules such as R & D, decision-making layer, R & D layer and marketing layer, aiming at the market pain points, effectively avoiding the blind trial and error in the R & D process.

At the same time, in the R & D process, the analysis of consumer pain points takes precedence over the analysis of development, which has outstanding advantages in the development of “forward-looking products” and “market pain point sovling products”, which can help the cooperative customers of enterprises to develop more marketable products, thus reducing the trial and error costs and unnecessary promotion losses of the cooperative customers.

ALD R & D team said that they valued the high-efficiency and practical R & D innovation capability brought by IPD system.

When it comes to the operation of ALD IPD, the director of research and development of aldipd said: “the application of ALD IPD system can effectively reduce the R & D cycle and R & D cost by more than 20%. When the IPD system runs at full speed, the product cycle from concept to stable mass production will be shortened by 30%, and the R & D quality will be improved by more than 30%.”

“IPD R & D system cooperates with ALD automatic production system to form a closed-loop of R & D and production innovation, which are the two carriages for ALD to speed up the development of R & D and production innovation guided by customers and market,” he said.

This time, ALD introduced and successfully operated the IPD system, which will undoubtedly lead the new direction of industry R & D management and play a positive role in benchmarking the R & D methodology, R & D process management and systematic innovation of the electronic cigarette industry.


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ALD Group Limited (ALD / ALD), founded in 2009 in Shenzhen, China, is a world leading high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and application of electronic atomization technology. Its business covers different fields such as electronic nicotine delivery system (ends), inhalation medical atomization equipment (IMV) and low-temperature HNB device.

ALD adheres to the drive of technology research and development, and has accumulated profound experience in the field of ceramic core technology. Its two major atomization technology brands, Silmo ™, and Microfeel ™, have wide influence in the industry. In addition, ALD is the first enterprise in the electronic cigarette industry with forward-looking layout of automatic production, under which it has a high-end production and manufacturing center of more than 40000 square meters. ALD manufacturing practices the concept of replying on production and quality control. Refinement, in the electronic cigarette industry in the absolute leading level.ALD introduces the world top 500 R & D system

With its strong comprehensive strength, ALD has reached a long-term and stable strategic partnership with many customers at home and abroad, serving British American Tobacco / American Renault, Indian tobacco, canopy growth, iklusher, stiiizy and domestic well-known brands RELX, ammo, etc.

On June 4, 2019, ALD announced to reach a share transfer and subscription agreement with Shanghai A-share listed company Veken Technology (600152). ALD transferred 10% of its shares to Veken technology at a price of RMB 100 million, based on strong alliance and layout integration of upstream and downstream industry chains.

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