TRYMIX disposable vape mini series new product launch: sell 2 million yuan during the 24 hours pre-sale

The IECIE e-cigarette exhibition just came to an end in Shenzhen. China IT Industry News reports that TRYMIX seized the opportunity and launched a one-off series named TRYMIX mini. The online e-commerce and offline dealer channels have received nearly 2 million yuan orders in the first 24 hours pre-sales.

Trymix official site:

It is reported that the TRYMIX team has obtained strategic investment (unpublished) of tens of millions of RMB from the listed companies, and the founding team members have a beautiful practical experience: founder Yang Shen has many years of P&G marketing and channel experience, and co-founded a C-round Internet consumer company. Its partners have many years of professional experience such as Smaco (new three board electronic cigarette listed company), Tencent and so on.

We officially listed in China in April this year. In addition to the traditional e-commerce and distribution network, we pay more attention to direct links with consumers. The industry is in the category education stage, so direct feedback from consumers and even participation in reverse customization products is our way to success. We also chose the No.10 street built with the focus on the membership mechanism as the joint starter for as the product launch partner. The sales are on the one hand, and more importantly, we hope to gain the 10th Street precision marketing and membership first. The operating system establishes a communication link with consumers. “Yang Shen added.

According to public information, No. 10 Street focuses on serving 300 million+ new middle-class , and the number of paid members reaches nearly one million. It is a rising star of the domestic membership e-commerce platform.


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