Vampire Vape launches e-liquid into space

DARWEN based vape company have hit upon a novel way to raise staff morale amid hard times for retailers by launching a bottle of e-liquid into space.

Vampire Vape sent their Heisenberg e-liquid into the sky on September 18 by attaching a bottle of the award-winning solution to a hydrogen filled balloon.

The balloon soared to an eventual 121,000 feet, expanding to the size of a double-decker bus, before eventually popping and sending the e-liquid plummeting back to earth, all of which was captured on a camera attached to the balloon.

Vampire Vape founder Phil Boyle, who said: “In these testing times, the news is full of doom, gloom and negative stories – we wanted to create something unusual, creative and memorable, in the hope that it will make people smile.

“We also wanted to do something wacky and fun that our employees would love being part of.

“We’re always looking for ways to be innovative, forward thinking and different from our competitors, and are keen to reach new heights – what better way to do this than literally?

“We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to pull this off and be the first people to send an e-liquid into space, although I feel we’ve set the bar pretty high for whatever is next!”

Vampire Vape worked with Sent into Space, leading experts in space-based marketing campaigns and stunts, to ensure safety and correct following of procedure, throughout.

As the balloon came down, a parachute was deployed, ensuring a gentle and safe landing. The e-liquid bottle’s journey was monitored by a live radio tracking system and a satellite internet locator, and landed at a secret location, where it was met by the team.

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