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Taste of vape juice isn’t good? these factors should be the culprit

At present, there are many flavors in the vape juice consumption market, which can be roughly divided into seven categories, such as fruits, health care, tobacco, beverages, milk, food, and herbal medicines. All of these flavors add up to thousands of different flavors, and it is really the phrase that there’s no taste you can’t get, only something you can’t imagine.


E-liquid includes domestic and imported. The vape juice of different channels, sources and different company brands has a very different taste even in the same flavor. In addition to these factors, other factors like raw materials, atomizers, battery power & the voltage will affect the taste of vape juice directly.


1. Raw material

The main raw materials for the vape juice, includes flavor, propylene glycol and glycerin. The properties of the essence determine the 70% taste of the e-liquid. However, if the glycerin in the vape juice is high, the vape juice will be sweet, but at the same time, the smoke will increase. If the content of propylene glycol is high, there will be a taugh throat feeling. If you have pharyngitis, it is recommended not to choose high propylene glycol vape juice.

vape taste eliquid taste


In the market, there are many types of atomizers. Different atomizers have different tastes of vape juice. The atomization effect of the atomizer is different, so the taste is also different.

Therefore, we should choose the appropriate battery, with the appropriate atomizer, in order to use the atomizer more joyfully. It is recommended that we should choose a relatively good quality nebulizer to have a better experience when buying the vape. Also, the atomizer should be constantly checked. We should replace the atomizing core or heating wire regularly.


3.Battery voltage and battery

Nowadays, many batteries have the function of voltage regulation, which is designed for atomizers with different resistance values. For atomizers with small resistance values, the low voltage should be used. If the high voltage is used, there may be a paste smell. In severe cases, the heating wire may be blown.

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As for the power, it is easy to understand. When the power is too low, the atomization effect is reduced. At this time, the smoke is reduced and the taste is poor.


Finally, sum it up: How can you experience the best taste of vapes? First, buy the vape juice that suits your taste and smoke reference. It is up to your choice. The taste is a subjective thing. For the choice of taste, you still have to explore for yourself. Second, choose a good nebulizer. It is best to use different nebulizers for different flavors. It is necessary to check the replacement of the atomizing core periodically. Finally, choose the right voltage for your vape and charge it in time!


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