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Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: premium 1500 puff vaping experience

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape is a small, light and beautiful disposable pod rolled out by Youme Group recently. Compared to other disposable vapes like Air Bar, HQD, Kangvape, etc, Vapejoy disposable looks best in appearance with the metallic luster and glass-like pod shell, taste and smell better with the compounded vegetable glycerin e-liquid base, and is more durable with a 1000mAh battery and 5.5ml pod volume.

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: 1500 puff premium vaping experience

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape specifications

Battery: 1000mAh
Capacity: 5.5ml
Puffs: 1500
Vape juice ingredient: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, Natural & Artificial Flavor

How to use Vapejoy 5% disposable vape

Take out the Vapejoy pod from the transparent box, remove the lid on the top, and another lid under the bottom. The lid under the bottom is very tiny. However, there won’t be any vapor when drawing if you forget to take it out.

Then start vaping with the mouthpiece. Not like box mod vapes, it’s fool-proof, convenient, and extremely easy to use.

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape highlights

What we got is the Vapejoy energy drink flavored disposable, and according to the 1-week use of this delicate disposable, we summarized the following highlights from outside to inside.

  1. Cool appearance. The shining and glittering pod shell is absolutely attractive in the eyes of most people. This beautiful look is splendid and glamorous.
  2. Ergonomics mouthpiece design. Comparing the Vapejoy mouthpiece with the traditional Yooz, RELX pod system mouthpiece, Vapejoy is smaller and it reduces the contact surface between your lips and the pod, which is more sanitary, and more like smoking the conventional cigarette.


3. Strong throat hit with smooth and comfortable vaping experience. As we know VG base vape juice produces thicker and richer vapor, while PG base e-juice generates more throat hits and buzz feeling when the nicotine content level is constant. Vapejoy combines the merits of both kinds of vape juices to realize a perfect balance in taste and satisfaction, bring an optimal vaping experience.

4. Smaller vaping resistance and good smell. The vaping resistance of Vapejoy is small while the vapor is large, suitable for both direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping, making it a versatile disposable. Meanwhile, it comes with a natural, pleasant and vivid smell of Red Bull energy drink when opening the box, leaving the vapers a very good first impression.


Vapejoy 5% 1500 puff disposable vape is a decent and durable device for a premium vaping experience. It’s produced by Youme Group, which is the owner of the famous and popular Air Bar brand under Suorin’s flag, so the quality and taste of the new device would be an improved edition based on the prestigious old model. The price $12.99 for retail and $8.99 for wholesale, are twice of the classic model, while the performance and service life are three times of the classic model, which is absolutely more cost-effective. Obviously, I would choose Vapejoy if I were the buyer. Forget about other disposables with Vapejoy in hand.

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: premium 1500 puff vaping experience
Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: premium 1500 puff vaping experience

Here comes good news at the same time, Vapejoy under Youme Group is holding Cyber Monday sales from November 29th to December 3th. Free shipping, $50 off coupons, buy 2 and get 1 free, etc. In a word, it’s the best time to grab it at the lowest price of the year.

Tap this link to view and buy Vapejoy disposable at a discounted price:

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: premium 1500 puff vaping experiencevapejoy cyber monday sales

Vapejoy disposable appearance
Vapejoy disposable e-liquid capacity
Vapejoy disposable battery life
Vapejoy disposable taste
Vapejoy disposable nicotine satisfaction
Vapejoy disposable condensation
Vapejoy disposable price

Vapejoy 5% 1500 puff disposable vape is a decent, durable and affordable device with good taste for a premium vaping experience. Highly recommended

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