Vapers run out of stock of vape cartridges in China

Courier delivery to assist the offline sales

After the Spring Festival, e-cigarette cartridges are almost out of stock. Many e-cigarette users flocked to the official Weibo to message RELX, vvild, Mystlabs, and Flow, asking for help with purchasing problems.

“Where can I buy the cartridges?”

“I can’t buy a vape cartridge!”

One of the users said to the reporter of the Science and Technology Board Daily that before the Spring Festival, he did not realize that the epidemic had such a large impact, and his family quickly ran out of cartridges and pods.

The problems facing e-cigarette users are not limited to this. During the epidemic, stores were closed and the areas not covered by sales outlets were facing the dilemma of stock running out.

“Express mail delivery” has become a helpless move for electronic cigarette brands.

According to the survey data of “China Tobacco Consumption in the Epidemic”, nearly half of the consumers are affected by the community lock down when purchasing cartridges, and 38.4% of the consumers’ frequently visited tobacco shops are not open.

Therefore, “courier delivery” has become a helpless move for electronic cigarette brands.

However, the reporter noticed that there were corresponding purchase contact / private chat comments in various official Weibo comment areas of major brands.

Vapers run out of stock of vape cartridges in China

The related staff of SNOWPLUS told reporters that if you need to buy e-cigarette cartridges, you need to contact the offline stores, “Contact local offline stores to deliver for you, cash on delivery”.

On February 10, the official public account of RELX launched the “Find Nearby Stores” page with two labels, “normal business” and “support phone ordering only”, emphasizing user on-site and telephone ordering.

Mystlabs also guides users to call the nearby specialty store to order. If the specialty store is not covered, Mystlabs will also provide the contact information of dealers in various places to the user.

Chen Min revealed, “Except for the distribution services in some key epidemic areas, consumers in other regions can now receive goods normally.” However, as the express logistics is also recovering, the e-cigarette delivery pace is slow.


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