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Vaping THC: Is it Safer than Smoking Cannabis

The hemp plant contains many cannabinoids. Although all cannabinoids are chemically related, they act differently on the body and the brain. Sometimes, they even have an opposing action. Thus, some help keep the brain calm, while others might have excitatory effects. Further, their impact may also depend on the dosage. Therefore, they might have a calming effect at a lower dose and an excitatory effect at a higher dosage.

The two most significant cannabinoids in a hemp plant are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Out of them, CBD has been extensively studied and proven to be safe for prolonged use. More importantly, CBD does not cause a high or euphoria. However, THC is different, and it may cause a high, but only at higher dosages – this is absolutely essential to understand.

So, yes, THC does cause a high, but only at a high dosage. Small amounts of THC would help reduce stress, calm nerves, help reduce muscle spasticity, prevent seizures, counter pain, and have many other benefits. That is why medications based on CBD or medical Cannabis contain THC. Without THC, those medications would have far less benefit.

Since THC may not be very good at higher dosages, many concerns remain. People especially want to know how THC vaping differs from smoking Cannabis. We would say that these two are very different activities. THC vaping is much safer. That is why THC vape pens are legal in the UK, but recreational use or cannabis smoking isn’t.

Vaping THC vs. Smoking Cannabis – How Do They Compare?

Let’s be clear: these are two very different activities. They are two very different products.

It is vital to understand that a THC vape pen and a CBD vape pen contain extracts of a legally grown hemp variety. These hemp/cannabis varieties are naturally very low in THC. Hemp is a cannabis variety of massive industrial value, and its recreational use is rare or, rather, not possible due to its low THC levels.

On the other hand, cannabis varieties used for smoking or recreation are high in THC. Such varieties are sometimes grown illegally or by a few licensed farms to produce medicines. There are just a few European regions where smoking Cannabis for recreation in small amounts is legal. However, smoking Cannabis for recreation is not legal in the UK.

Thus, legally produced THC vape pens in the UK contain no more than 0.2% of THC. On the other hand, Cannabis used for smoking may contain much higher THC. For example, cannabis indica, one of the cannabis varieties, may contain 25% THC!

Further, in the UK, total amounts of THC per vape pen cartridge are strictly regulated. In the UK, a THC vape pen or cartridge may not contain more than 1 mg of THC. This small amount is enough to experience its health benefits, but would not cause a high. Moreover, one would vape this amount during several sessions, as vape pens are not meant to be finished in a single vaping session. It means that during each THC vaping session, just a few micrograms of THC enter the body. Unlike cannabis smoking, when several milligrams of THC may enter the body.

Yet, another major difference between that THC vapes are standardized products. They are produced by the industry using science and understanding of Cannabis. Thus, THC vape pens contain known amounts of THC, CBD, minor cannabinoids, and terpenes. Once the product is ready, producers would send it for third-party lab checking to ensure that it meets the highest possible standards and all legal requirements. CBDoilking only sells such safe and well-tested products.

CBDoilking sells one of the strongest THC vape pens that UK law allows to be sold (75-80% CBD and CBG along with THC in permitted amounts). It ensures that all products they offer are extensively tested, as safety comes first. Thus, these products have many pleasant health effects and are unlikely to cause any harm.

Finally, keep in mind that vaping THC would not cause a high. However, smoking Cannabis would cause a high. THC vaping does not cause addiction or dependence, but smoking cannabis causes. So, these are very different products despite some shared characteristics.

THC vape pens are good for those who want to quit smoking. They also help reduce stress, overcome body aches and pains, and improve sleep quality. Smoking Cannabis may help reduce stress, too, but it comes at a cost, as high THC causes euphoria and side effects.

Remember that THC vaping is very similar to CBD vaping but with the added benefits of THC. THC is just there in small amounts to boost CBD’s health effects. These added benefits are due to an entourage effect. So, if you want to know more about CBD vaping, read this myth-busting article by CBDoilking.

One more thing to understand to enjoy THC vape pens safely: never abuse THC, CBD or just any vapes. Just use them responsibly. Follow recommendations and take a few puffs a day casually. It is vital to follow FSA guidelines. Sometimes, people start vaping excessively and may experience side effects. So, learn more about signs of excessive vaping and learn about how much vaping is acceptable.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, vaping THC is not just much safer than smoking Cannabis. It is even unwise to compare these two activities. THC vaping is legal in the UK and is associated with some health benefits. Vaping is one of the recommended ways to quit smoking. Unlike smoking, vaping does not even produce smoke. It produces vapours.

Cannabis smoking, on the other hand, is illegal in the UK. It may help in some ways, like relieving pain. However, people are quite likely to abuse it due to its high THC content and since it produces euphoria.

One should only buy high-quality THC vape pens, like those offered by CBDoilking. These vapes are tested by third-party labs and have a proven quality. They are among the strongest legal THC vape pens, which means sufficient effect, and yet lack of side effects. These vapes offer multiple flavours, as they also contain terpenes. Terpenes are naturally occurring aromatic compounds that are potent antioxidants and have many other health benefits. So, if enjoyed responsibly, vaping THC can be quite good for reducing stress.

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