[Vapor Talk] Color, the Cause of the Rhythm of E-cigarettes

The shape outlines and the color make it alive.

My mother told me that when she was a child, if anyone had a black-and-white TV set at home, it was striking. The ten or twenty families in the village were all watching the programs on TV at your doorstep. But if you have a color TV set in your home, then the number of people who have seen it is almost a geometric growth. Even the villagers in the nearby villages know that you have a color TV in your house, which instantly made you a “village influencer”.vapor talk

Color is such a fascinating thing that takes the material out of its original boring structure and creates a vitality that does not belong to it. Yes, maybe this is called art.vapor talk

Since the development of e-cigarettes, all kinds of products have made great efforts in the color matching, in addition to the technical innovation. Whether it is solid color, wood color or mixed color pattern, you can find the one you want.vapor talk

Solid color

There are many solid color products in e-cigarette products, mostly in black and white, followed by others. The pure color is pure, clean and capable. People have a relaxed love for the product itself. Especially in the era when small vape prevailed this year, all kinds of solid color products are endless, which is more in line with the popular minimalist style of life.vapor talk

Wood color

Speaking of this color, many people will say that they are sexy in hospitality style, which comes from the many Japanese-style decoration styles that the younger generation likes now. The primary color of the plant is the main color, without any other paint, it feels as if it’s in nature. However, such products generally need to have a strong shape as a support, and good wood and its own texture also determine its texture. In general, it belongs to the noble products in the e-cigarette.vapor talk

Mixed color pattern

In fact, literally, the different colors are combined to make the whole face express more emotions or meanings. There are also many of these in the e-cigarette device. For stylish players, this kind of calculation is standard, and all kinds of color combinations and pattern designs can be seen on the equipment. The color-mixing pattern not only makes the e-cigarette look more “magic”, but also puts a label that is self-satisfied for the now-personalized young people, allowing them to show their attitudes to life in the most direct way.vapor talk

Color gives life to things, and it is the cause of rhythm of e-cigarette products, let’s love it. What color is your e-cigarette now? What is your favorite color or the pattern you most want to have? Tell me, share your reasons, and leave a message below the article. Sharing fans also have the opportunity to get a 60ml bottle of Ice Age from Vape hk.vapor talk


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