VAPORESSO XROS CUBE Vape Kit Review: A Mini Pod System that Crosses the Limits

Design and Build Quality (Unique, ergonomic cube design, solid quality)
Vaping Performance (Consistent, rich flavor, adjustable airflow)
Battery Life and Charging (Decent 900mAh battery, size-power balance)
Pod and Coil Options (Various resistance options, 2ml pod)
Ease of Use (Straightforward, user-friendly kit)
Safety Features (SSS Anti-Leaking, multiple protections)
Portability (Highly portable cube-shaped design)
Price and Value (Good value, quality features)

Vaporesso XROS Cube Vape Kit impresses with its design, flavor, and portability, earning high ratings. It offers versatility but has a 2ml pod limit and cube design preferences. Priced at $22.60, it's a valuable choice for vapers.

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XROS Cube Vape Kit is Vaporesso’s latest after the XROS 3 and MINI. It’s a neat little cube-shaped vape, even more pocket-friendly than the XROS MINI. Let’s jump into what this compact cube offers in the review.

VAPORESSO XROS CUBE Vape Kit Review: A Mini Pod System that Crosses the Limits

Unboxing the Vaporesso XROS Cube Kit: First Impressions

From the moment you get your hands on the Vaporesso XROS Cube Kit, the quality strikes you immediately. The sleek, well-designed packaging is a clear indicator of the premium product waiting inside. Once you open the box, you’re greeted with everything needed for a start: the XROS Cube battery, a 0.8Ω Mesh Pod, a 1.2Ω Mesh Pod, a Type-C charging cable, a lanyard, and the necessary user documentation. It’s a complete setup that’s ready to go as soon as you unpack it. Adding to its appeal, the XROS Cube is available in a variety of colors, ensuring there’s a style to suit everyone’s taste.

VAPORESSO XROS CUBE Vape Kit Review: A Mini Pod System that Crosses the Limits


Vaporesso XROS Cube Kit Experience

Vaping Performance: The XROS Cube is all about delivering that spot-on flavor. It’s like they’ve found a way to pack in the richness and consistency of the vapor into this compact device. The adjustable airflow is a big win here – it lets you tailor your mouth-to-lung vaping experience. Whether you like a tight draw or something a bit airier, the Cube’s got you covered.

Battery Life and Charging: With a 900mAh battery, you’re looking at a solid balance between size and power. It’s the kind of setup that works for both casual vapers and the more dedicated ones. Plus, it’s got Type-C charging, which means less time waiting around for your vape to charge up and more time enjoying it.

Design and Build Quality: Now, let’s talk about the design. The XROS Cube is cube-shaped (no surprises there!), and it’s not just a style thing – it actually feels right in your hand. It’s ergonomic and compact, perfect for on-the-go vaping. Plus, the Corex Heating Technology inside ensures that every puff is consistent in flavor, which is a big deal if you’re particular about taste.

Pod and Coil Options: Flexibility is key with the XROS Cube. It supports a range of pod resistances from 0.6Ω to 1.2Ω. This means you’ve got options to suit different vaping styles. MTL lovers, you’re sorted. And the 2ml pod capacity hits that sweet spot between being big enough to last while still keeping the device nice and portable.

Ease of Use: This kit is pretty straightforward to use, making it a solid choice whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been vaping for ages. It’s intuitive, without any over-complicated settings.

Safety Features: Safety-wise, Vaporesso hasn’t cut corners. The SSS Anti-Leaking Technology means no mess, no fuss. And with the added battery protections like overcharge and short-circuit prevention, you can vape with peace of mind.

VAPORESSO XROS CUBE Vape Kit Review: A Mini Pod System that Crosses the Limits

Pros of Vaporesso XROS Cube Kit

  1. Top-Notch Flavor Delivery: The XROS Cube really shines in delivering rich, consistent flavor. Thanks to the Corex Heating Technology, every puff is packed with taste.
  2. Customizable Vaping Experience: The adjustable airflow is a game-changer. It allows you to tweak the mouth-to-lung experience to your liking, from a tight draw to a more relaxed one.
  3. Compact and Ergonomic Design: Its cube-shaped design isn’t just about looking good – it’s ergonomic, fitting comfortably in your hand, perfect for vaping on the move.
  4. Battery Efficiency: The 900mAh battery offers a good balance of size and power. It’s suitable for various vaping habits, and Type-C charging means faster recharge times.
  5. Pod Versatility: With a range of resistance options (0.6Ω to 1.2Ω), the Cube caters to different vaping styles, from MTL to DTL.
  6. User-Friendly: This kit is a breeze to use, whether you’re new to vaping or have been at it for a while. It’s straightforward, with no overly complicated features.
  7. Safety Features: The SSS Anti-Leaking Technology and battery protection mechanisms add a layer of safety and reliability to the device.

Cons of Vaporesso XROS Cube Kit

  1. Limited Pod Capacity: The 2ml pod might not suffice for heavy vapers, requiring more frequent refills.
  2. Lower Battery Capacity Compared to Peers: While the 900mAh battery is decent, it’s slightly lower than the 1000mAh offered by the XROS 3 and XROS 3 Mini. This might affect its performance for power users.
  3. Design Preference: The cube design, while unique, might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially for those who prefer a more traditional vape pen style.
  4. Weight Comparison: The Cube is similar in weight to the XROS 3, which might not suit those looking for an ultra-light device like the XROS 3 Mini.
  5. Power Output: For vapers seeking high-power outputs, the XROS Cube might fall a bit short in meeting their needs.

VAPORESSO XROS CUBE Vape Kit Review: A Mini Pod System that Crosses the Limits

Comparisons with Other Vape Kits

XROS Cube vs XROS 3 and Mini: Comparison and Insights

  1. Battery Capacity:
    • The XROS Cube has a slightly lower battery capacity (900mAh) compared to the 1000mAh batteries in the XROS 3 and XROS 3 Mini.
    • A larger battery in the XROS 3 and Mini models may offer longer usage between charges.
  2. Size and Portability:
    • The XROS Cube‘s unique cube-shaped design offers a distinct aesthetic and might be more comfortable to hold.
    • The XROS 3 and Mini are slimmer and taller, which might appeal to users looking for a more traditional pen-like design.
  3. Coil Resistance and Pod Compatibility:
    • The XROS Cube offers a range of compatible coil resistances, providing versatility for different vaping preferences.
    • The XROS 3 and Mini also offer mesh coil options, known for better flavor and vapor production.
  4. Airflow and Vaping Experience:
    • All models feature adjustable airflow, allowing users to customize their vaping experience from tight MTL to a more open draw.
  5. Aesthetic and Design:
    • The XROS Cube’s cube design and diverse color options cater to users looking for style and uniqueness.
    • The XROS 3 and Mini have a more traditional vape pen appearance with a range of color options.
  6. Weight:
    • The XROS Cube and XROS 3 have a similar weight, whereas the XROS 3 Mini is slightly lighter, which might be a factor for users looking for an ultra-light device.

VAPORESSO XROS CUBE Vape Kit Review: A Mini Pod System that Crosses the Limits

Price and Availability

The Vaporesso XROS Cube is not only a well-designed and functional vaping device but also comes at a competitive price. Currently, it’s priced at $22.60, making it an attractive option for vapers looking for quality without breaking the bank. You can find it at Vaporesso’s official store, and here’s the link for a direct purchase:  Vaporesso XROS Cube.

In comparison, the XROS 3 is a bit pricier at $26.90, while the XROS 3 Mini is more affordable at $18.90. These price points reflect the different features and specifications each model offers, providing options to suit various preferences and budgets.

All these models are widely available, not just online but also in various resellers, agents and physical vape shops. This widespread availability makes it convenient for vapers to access these products, whether they prefer shopping online or in-store.


Final Thoughts

Vaporesso XROS Cube Vape Kit excels with top-notch flavor delivery, customizable airflow for a tailored vaping experience, and an ergonomic, compact design for on-the-go convenience. It features a 900mAh battery for versatile usage and fast Type-C charging. Additionally, it supports various pod resistances to suit different vaping styles, making it user-friendly for both beginners and experienced vapers. Safety features like SSS Anti-Leaking Technology add peace of mind. At a competitive price of $22.60, it offers exceptional value for quality vaping.

Where to buy Vaporesso XROS Cube


    • Design Compared to XROS 3 and MINI?
      • The XROS Cube’s cube shape makes it more compact and portable than the XROS MINI and differs in style from the taller XROS 3.
    • What’s in the XROS Cube Kit?
      • Includes XROS Cube battery, 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω Mesh Pods, Type-C cable, lanyard, and user guide.
    • Color Options for XROS Cube?
      • Available in multiple colors, including Black, Ocean Blue, Grey, Silver, Cyber Lime, Bondi Blue, Sakura Pink, and Forest Green.
    • XROS Cube’s Vaping Performance?
      • Offers rich flavor (Corex Heating Technology) and customizable airflow for mouth-to-lung vaping.
    • Safety Features of XROS Cube?
      • Features SSS Anti-Leaking Technology and protections against overcharge and short circuits.


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