VGOD vape exploded in a young boy’s mouth

VGOD, as one of the most famous American vape brand with 1.93 million fans, is popular worldwide, I even saw it at IECIE this year in Shenzhen, China. However, a terrifying explosion by its product happened in a teenagers mouth yesterday.

It’s would be better if it happened to an adult, but it’s a teenager in high school, which astonished the world greatly. FDA has shown its attitude on the minor vaping clearly but VGOD plays fire at the crucial moment, which can be regarded as a slam in FDA’s face. I bet VGOD is going to lose 1 million customers in the very near future.

San Francisco state supervisors are about to ban vapes and it would be another powerful reason to support the ban. The future of vape in the USA goes dark and dim since this accident.

vgod exlosion

The picture of the young boy’s injury in the jaw is scary and horrible, so I’d rather not show it here. Check it in the CNN source below if you want to see more.

According to a study published in 2018, more than 2,000 people in the United States were hospitalized by the explosion of electronic cigarettes between 2015 and 2017, CNN reported on Wednesday. Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular among teenagers. A report released last year showed that nearly 40% of senior grade three students vape electronic cigarettes. More worrying is that most of the public do not know that electronic cigarettes will explode.

Burns and tooth loss are mild. Some people are almost blind and some even die. In February, a Texas man was smoking an electronic cigarette when it exploded and fragments from the explosion penetrated his carotid artery, killing him. About a year ago, a man in Florida was also hit by an explosion while vaping an electronic cigarette, and fragments of the electronic cigarette shot into his head. Doctors at the University of Washington Medical Center say there is growing evidence that e-cigarettes are a public safety issue and that regulation needs to be strengthened.

Billions of people are vaping and enjoying the benefits of vaping rather than smoking. Quitting vaping is no sense and not realistic. However, you should know the common sense that box mod with over 300w high-power is much more dangerous than low-power pod systems at merely 1W, 4v or 5v. To make your vaping experience safer, taking the use a pod system like Juul, RELX and bink will be a wise choice which even has a better vaping experience for its portability and nicotine salt technology applied in.

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The New York Times


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Social security disability attorney
Social security disability attorney
3 years ago

This is a brilliant post, thank you for sharing these great tips. I think you are right with is Europe too soft on china’s human rights abuses. I am sure many people will come to read this in future.

3 years ago

Funny how I own seven God mods and never had an issue.
Can you show the actual mad that exploded because the one that exploded is not a V God and it looked like the tank was an aspire.
Not making light of anyone getting hurt but it least show all the facts. Now if someone put an aspire sub ohm tank on a V God mech mod then that is operator error. Sigh.
I hope no one was hurt but you can’t blame one company if someone didn’t listen and did things incorrectly and it just makes me sad that nobody ever goes in depth and exactly what products were used to have such an unfortunate thing happen

3 years ago
Reply to  evesevere

Hi evesevere, maybe it’s aspire. The boy said it’s VGOD, we’re really sorry hearing about this. This news is from New York Times. Maybe we can contact the boy for the truth.

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