BSCxVINN disposable vape – 8 kinds of tastes available

BSCxVINN Co-brand disposable vapes have been widely sought after by customers since they were listed on the market. And its first batch of four classic products in the market have their own advantages and excellent taste.

The first four classic flavor products in the market also have their own advantages and excellent taste.

In response to the requirements of the majority of VINN fans, BSCxVINN disposable electronic cigarette adds four new flavors, so that you can get rid of heat and experience refreshing and cool this summer. VINN vape have eight flavors in total now.

Jelly Berry

Jelly Berry is actually a hybrid of BlackBerry varieties. It tastes sweet and sour, and it is widely used in mixed juice and jam. When vaping, the smoke can fully perceive the distinct taste of the fruit. The perfect mixture of sweet and sour in sour and sweet, combined with the appropriate sense of cold, makes the experience as real as simulated drinking of cool fruit juice.

As the smoke lingers, the rich berry fruit flavor is like the pleasure of the slight cold wind, the cool feeling brought by the clip, the taste of layers, can not stop.


The noble concubine Yang was a beautiful woman of the last generation. Her plump and sexy nature fully reflects the graceful beauty that the Tang Dynasty esteemed. At that time, no aircraft was invented and no air transportation was possible. In order to make her eat fresh lychees with full color, fragrance and flavor, she had to send someone to change the newly picked lychees from one post station to another and send them to Beijing on the same day. So when she saw the dust rising from the fast horse, she knew that someone had brought her favorite lychees, and she was very happy.

According to this allusion, VINN specially created Princess Litchi taste vape.

Dazzling appearance and sweet taste, each mouthful brings you the cool of early summer, each mouthful of cool litchi temptation is hard to resist!

Sand ice in green mango

Green mango is known as the “King of Tropical Fruits”, and the perennial hot and humid climate has made cool drinks popular, especially in sunny Thailand.
Early this summer, VINN bring this fresh and delicious green mango sand ice, smooth silk, sweet and refreshing.

Full of flesh, sweet but not greasy, like left hand holding right hand
Finally, in addition to giving you the cool of hot summer, there is naturally a mellow summer can match.

Concentrated tobacco

Selected American Ohio Burley Tobacco, Selected Extracts, Full-bodied Taste, Tobacco Taste is the best choice.

The is vape has a strong sense of integration of tobacco, and the instant sense of satisfaction arises spontaneously! After a mouthful, it takes a long time to find its taste, which is haunting!!

BSCxVINN produces the quality disposable electronic cigarettes with certificates, and each product has been strictly tested layer by layer.


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