Vip 2.0 Compatible Atomizer Review

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Lately, Captain has been quite silent for a while. Part of the reason is that Captain really wanted to take a holiday. On the other hand, Captain has been tirelessly testing various e-juices for the fans. There will be a lot of great e-juice reviews coming your way. Today, we’re introducing a Compatible Atomizer that can adapt to some of the industry’s finest atomization cores, including BPMODS’s TMD Coil, Aspire’s 875 Coil, and the pnp Coil, among others. It’s the Vip 2.0.


Size: 22mm
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Steel
Atomization Coil compatibility: Three types (corresponding to TMD Coil, 875 Coil, pnp Coil)
Capacity: 2mL and 4mL
Compared to Vip 1.0, this 2.0 version has significantly better detail work, with a smoother and more polished finish. The more intuitive airflow enhances the product’s resolution capabilities.

Vip 2.0 Compatible Atomizer Review

Product Experience


  1. The improved airflow design compared to the first generation provides a very pleasant vapor experience with better layering for vapers.
  2. Better compatibility with Atomization Coils, avoiding mismatch and leakage issues.
  3. Easier to install than the 1.0 version, without the need for excessive disassembly of the atomizer body.
  4. The design of the atomizer body is more attractive.

Vip 2.0 Compatible Atomizer Review


  1. It lacks the top-filling design of the 1.0 version, making refilling less convenient.

Vip 2.0 Compatible Atomizer Review


This kind of Compatible Atomizer can offer vapers a lot of experiences. As more and more vapers are moving away from DIY and choosing such atomizers, it’s clear there are advantages. For one, it can save a significant amount of time for enjoying your e-juice. Secondly, the detail processing of today’s Atomization Coils is on par with DIY. So, this product is undoubtedly loved by vapers. It acts as a mediator, combining your favorite vaping flavors into one convenient container. If there were more compatible accessories available, including PCTG tank materials, it would be even better. Would you love such a device? Using it will definitely give you the answer.

Vip 2.0 Compatible Atomizer Review

Alright, VAPE HOW WE ROLL, ALL IN TRUETOY. I’m Captain Dirty, and if there’s anything you’d like Captain to review next time, please let me know~
See you in the next episode!

Where to buy Vip 2.0 Compatible Atomizer

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Vip 2.0 atomizer offers excellent compatibility, material quality, and flavor, with a sleek design and affordable price, making it a favorite among vapers seeking an enhanced vaping experience.

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