Vitavp has acquired 10 million yuan investment from Pusi Capital

The vape brand Vitavp has acquired 10 million yuan investment from Pusi Capital and will promote iG joint products

Pusi Capital has invested many well-known consumer cases such as Net Fish Net Cafe, Poison App, and Lele Tea etc. And iG is a famous e-Sports computer games club.

Vitavp was founded in 2015, with the development and sales of vape juice products and mod vape devices as the main business line. Founder and CEO Liu Dongyuan told Vape hk that the company started to develop pod vapes in early 2017. The entire research and development cycle was nearly one and a half years, and the products were launched in 2018.

As of now, vitavp has introduced a cartridge-replacing pod vape, a disposable atomizing device and a variety of peripheral products. On the e-liquids product line, vitavp has launched more than 30 SKUs, including iced mint, early spring ruby, green mood and Yunxiangyi, which is produced in conjunction with Yunnan Tobacco. At the same time, different flavors of e-liquids are also available with different nicotine content such as high nicotine, low nicotine and no nicotine.

In order to ensure the production quality and product reaction speed, vitavp vape built its own supply chain in Shenzhen. Liu Dongyuan said that when the pod vape products were just beginning to become popular, the public molds products produced by the OEMs dominated the market. In the past two years, with the rise of more brands, the self-built supply chain will become one of the core competitiveness of the brand. It enables the brand itself to determine more product factors and master core technology patents.


Founder Liu Dongyuan is a continuous entrepreneur. He started to enter the electronic cigarette industry in 2012. He has led many global e-cigarette brands in China and successfully created two high-end vape brands.

Liu Dongyuan said that under the efforts of the team, vitavp has launched joint products with a number of trend brands; at the same time, in terms of high-end brands, vitavp has also cooperated with luxury brands such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley. In addition, the company continues to expand its partnership with trendy brands and more in the field of entertainment (for example, the joint venture with the “Timely Pleasure” brand and the iG Club).

Regarding the company’s values, Liu Dongyuan believes that e-cigarette products do not contain tar/carbon monoxide harmful substances. Although they are harmless compared to traditional cigarettes, they are not completely harmless. Therefore, vivitap prohibits cooperative dealers from selling their nicotine products to minors. . “vitavp has recently been selected as the executive director of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee. We hope to actively communicate with industry regulators to help build the industry norms.”

Liu Dongyuan vitavp founder



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