VOOPOO ARGUS G2 Pod System Review: Upgraded Cartridge System Redefines Vaping Experience

The moment of unboxing the ARGUS G2 wasn’t just about revealing a new vaping device; it was like unwrapping the future itself. As the successor to the much-acclaimed ARGUS P2, the G2 stands not merely as an upgrade but as a testament to VOOPOO’s relentless pursuit of perfection in the vaping experience. With every layer of packaging peeled back, the anticipation grew – a familiar excitement we hadn’t felt since our first encounter with its predecessor. Yet, the ARGUS G2 promises more, aiming not just to meet expectations but to surpass them spectacularly.

VOOPOO ARGUS G2 pod system review

ARGUS G2 – Engineering Excellence Unveiled

With the stage set and expectations high, it’s time to scrutinize the ARGUS G2 through the lens of its specifications. These technical details are not just numbers; they are a blueprint of VOOPOO’s dedication to innovation and quality. Let’s break down what makes the ARGUS G2 not just another vaping device, but a technological marvel in the palm of your hand.

VOOPOO ARGUS G2 pod system review

ARGUS G2 Specifications Table

Specification Detail
Color Options Spray Black, Space Gray, Astral Silver, Pearl White, Glow Pink, Peachy Beige, Iris Blue, Aurora Purple
Battery Capacity 1000 mAh Built-in Battery
Material Zinc Alloy + PC
Output Power 5-30 W
Output Voltage 3.2-4.2 V
Resistance 0.4-3.0 Ω
Charging Type-C, 5V/2A Max

Unpacking the Specifications

  • Color Diversity & Design: The ARGUS G2 doesn’t just perform well; it looks the part too. With eight color options, it caters to a wide range of personal styles. The use of zinc alloy and PC materials not only gives it a premium feel but ensures durability and resistance to everyday wear and tear.
  • Power & Performance: At the heart of the ARGUS G2 lies a 1000mAh battery, optimized for longevity and consistent power output ranging from 5 to 30 watts. This means users can enjoy a full day of vaping without frequent recharges, with power settings adaptable to their personal vaping preferences.
  • Advanced Charging Technology: The inclusion of a Type-C charging port is a nod towards modernity and convenience, offering fast and efficient charging. This feature ensures that your device is ready to go when you are, minimizing downtime and enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Versatility in Vaping: The wide resistance range (0.4-3.0 Ω) underscores the ARGUS G2’s versatility, accommodating a broad spectrum of coils and vaping styles. Whether you’re after a tight mouth-to-lung draw or a more open direct-to-lung experience, the ARGUS G2 is engineered to meet diverse vaping needs with precision and ease.
VOOPOO ARGUS G2 pod system review
Adjustable airflow button

The ARGUS G2 Vaping Experience – Where Innovation Meets Satisfaction

Embarking on my vaping journey with the ARGUS G2, I was immediately greeted by a symphony of features that promised to enhance every aspect of vaping. Each detail, from the sensory feedback to the taste refinement, seemed meticulously crafted for discerning vapers like myself. Here’s a deeper dive into my hands-on experience with the ARGUS G2 and how it sets a new standard for pod systems.

Discovering the Highlights: A Deep Dive into the ARGUS G2’s Excellence

Sensory Interaction, Smooth Control: The moment I powered on the ARGUS G2, its 0.96-inch TFT color screen came to life, displaying vibrant and clear device parameters. Adjustments were not just visually pleasing but intuitive, thanks to the device’s high-frequency vibration motor, which provided immediate tactile feedback. This feature ensured I was always perfectly in sync with the G2’s status, blending unparalleled control with user convenience in a way I had never experienced before.

Upgraded Cartridges, Smooth Taste: The heart of the ARGUS G2’s superior vaping experience undoubtedly lies in its fully upgraded ARGUS Top Fill Cartridge. Filling it up to its generous 3mL capacity, I was impressed by the promise of a 90mL coil lifespan and a design that guarantees 30 days without leakage. These aren’t just specs on paper; they translated to a real-world difference. Maintenance became almost worry-free, and each draw was consistently fresh and full of flavor, transforming the vaping experience into something truly seamless.

Streamlined Design, Smooth Hold: Holding the ARGUS G2, its ergonomic design was immediately apparent. The device felt like an extension of my hand, comfortable and secure with its sleek, polished finish. Not only did it look stunning from every angle, but the tactile satisfaction it provided made the ARGUS G2 a constant companion throughout my day. It’s rare to find a device that marries performance power with such an enjoyable physical experience.

Personal Insights and Surprises

Using the ARGUS G2, I found myself appreciating the nuances of its design and functionality. The sensory interaction, with visual and tactile feedback, made vaping feel more connected and responsive. The upgraded cartridges were a revelation, offering a taste and maintenance ease that I hadn’t realized I was missing until now. And the ergonomic design ensured that the ARGUS G2 wasn’t just another device—it was a pleasure to hold and use, making it a standout in my collection.

ARGUS G2 vs. ARGUS G: A Leap Forward

While the ARGUS G was a formidable device in its own right, the ARGUS G2 takes everything a step further. With enhanced battery efficiency, a more user-friendly interface, and an expanded cartridge capacity, the G2 not only meets the expectations set by its predecessor but exceeds them. The introduction of the new top-fill system in the cartridges exemplifies this leap forward, marrying convenience with functionality.

Cartridge Comparison and Compatibility

The superiority of the ARGUS G2’s cartridge system is evident when compared to other models. Its compatibility with the entire ARGUS POD family signifies a commitment to versatility and user satisfaction. When compared to other cartridges in the market, the ARGUS Top Fill Cartridge stands out for its leak-proof design, larger capacity, and extended lifespan.

Comparison Table: ARGUS G2 Cartridge vs. Others

Feature ARGUS G2 Cartridge Other Cartridges
Capacity 3 mL 2 mL
Coil Lifespan 90 mL e-liquid 60 mL e-liquid
Leak-proof Duration 30 Days 20 Days

COMPETITOR COMPARISON FOR CARTRIDGES ARGUS Top Fill Cartridge 0.4 Ω/ 0.7 Ω 3 mL/2 mL Bigger 90 mL E-liquid 30 Days Name Other Cartridges Coil Resistance: 0.4 Ω/ 0.6 Ω/ 0.8 Ω/ 1.2 Ω Cartridge Capacity: 2 mL Coil Size: Average Coil Lifespan: 60 mL E-liquid Leakage Proof: 20 Days

argus cartridge flavor 2.0 90 ml coil lifespan

This table not only highlights the ARGUS G2’s superior cartridge design but also underscores its compatibility with a range of VOOPOO products, making it a versatile choice for vapers of all preferences.

As we peel back the layers of the ARGUS G2’s vaping experience, it becomes clear that this device is not just an evolution in the ARGUS series but a revolution in vaping technology. Its combination of sensory interaction, refined taste delivery, and ergonomic design sets a new standard for what vapers can expect from their devices. In the next section, we’ll weigh the pros and cons, providing a balanced view of the ARGUS G2’s place in the vaping landscape.

ARGUS G2 color options
ARGUS G2 color options

Weighing the ARGUS G2 – Pros and Cons Explored

After extensive testing and thorough exploration of the ARGUS G2, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of advantages and areas for improvement. This evaluation aims to provide a clear picture of where the ARGUS G2 excels and where it leaves room for enhancement.

Pros: The Highlights of the ARGUS G2

  1. Enhanced User Interface: The 0.96-inch TFT color screen coupled with the intuitive UI makes for an effortless and enjoyable interaction, ensuring settings and statuses are always at your fingertips.
  2. Superior Cartridge System: The ARGUS Top Fill Cartridge system, with its 3mL capacity, 90mL coil lifespan, and 30-day leak-proof guarantee, sets a new standard for convenience and quality in vaping.
  3. Ergonomic Design: The ARGUS G2’s streamlined shape and polished finish not only make it visually appealing but also ensure a comfortable, secure grip, enhancing the physical connection to the device.
  4. Versatile Vaping Experience: With three power adjustment modes (SMART, SUPER, and ECO), the ARGUS G2 caters to a broad range of vaping styles, from mouth-to-lung to restricted direct-to-lung.
  5. Broad Compatibility: Its cartridge compatibility with the ARGUS POD family broadens the device’s appeal, offering a seamless transition for users within the VOOPOO ecosystem.

Cons: Areas for Improvement

  1. Stability Concerns: The sleek design, while visually appealing, can lead to stability issues, making the device prone to tipping over when standing upright.
  2. Cartridge Replacement: While the cartridge system is innovative, the inability to replace coils independently might not appeal to users who prefer customizable setups or more economical options.
  3. Restricted Direct-to-Lung (RDL) Performance: Some users have noted that the RDL vaping experience, particularly with the 0.4Ω coil, might lack the intensity or punch found in other devices or setups.

Balancing Act: Perspective on the ARGUS G2

The ARGUS G2 undoubtedly marks a significant leap forward in VOOPOO’s line of vaping devices. Its thoughtful design, user-centric features, and robust performance make it a standout option for many vapers. However, like any device, it has its peculiarities and limitations. Potential users should weigh these factors against their personal vaping preferences, usage habits, and what they value most in a vaping device.

VOOPOO ARGUS G2 pod kit, vape kit

The Verdict on ARGUS G2 – Smooth Sailing into the Future of Vaping

After an exhaustive review of the ARGUS G2, from its unboxing to its detailed specifications, through its vaping experience, and considering its pros and cons, we arrive at our final verdict. Does the ARGUS G2 redefine the vaping landscape as it promises? Let’s find out.

Final Impressions

The ARGUS G2 is more than just a successor to the ARGUS P2; it’s a bold step forward in VOOPOO’s quest to perfect the vaping experience. With its blend of innovative technology, user-friendly design, and quality vaping performance, the ARGUS G2 sets a new benchmark for what users can expect from a pod system.

Who is the ARGUS G2 For?

  • The Tech-Savvy Vaper: With its advanced features, customizable settings, and intuitive interface, the ARGUS G2 is a dream for those who love to fine-tune their vaping experience down to the last detail.
  • The Style-Conscious: Its sleek design and array of color options make the ARGUS G2 a fashionable accessory that doesn’t sacrifice performance for aesthetics.
  • The On-the-Go User: The combination of its leak-proof cartridge system, long-lasting battery, and durable build quality makes the ARGUS G2 ideal for vapers who need a reliable device throughout the day.

Verdict on ARGUS G2 -

The Bottom Line

The ARGUS G2 embodies the evolution of vaping technology, merging VOOPOO’s commitment to quality with the latest in vaping innovation. While it shines in performance, user experience, and design, its appeal may vary depending on personal preferences, especially for those prioritizing specific vaping styles or coil customization.

Insights for the Future

As the vaping industry continues to evolve, the ARGUS G2 serves as a beacon of what’s possible. It challenges other manufacturers to raise their standards and innovate further. For VOOPOO, the ARGUS G2 is not just another product release; it’s a statement of direction and dedication to the vaping community.

Learn more about ARGUS G2 from the official site

Design and Build Quality (Elegant and Durable Construction)
User Interface (Intuitive and Vibrant Display)
Battery Life (Long-Lasting and Reliable)
Cartridge System (Upgraded, Leak-proof Design)
Vaping Experience (Consistent, Flavorful Draws)
Ergonomics (Comfortable and Secure Grip)
Innovation (Advanced Features and Functionality)
Compatibility (Wide Range with ARGUS POD Family)
Maintenance (Ease of Use and Care)
Value for Money (Quality and Performance vs. Cost)

The ARGUS G2 excels in design, innovation, and vaping experience, offering an intuitive interface and durable build. Its upgraded cartridge system and ergonomic feel enhance user satisfaction, making it a top-notch choice in its category.

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